Caribbean Cruise on Carnival Liberty
Galveston Port - 5 Day Cruise
June 18 - June 23

Keith Montz, Julie Theobald and the Maldonado family: Ed, Mattia, Charlie along with two of Charlie's friends Branden and Dylan.  We picked a 5 day cruise because of the convenience out of Galveston witch also worked with so many of our schedules.  There were two destinations on the cruise: Cozumel and Progresso which we all have been before but still has many fun places to visit every now and again.

June 18th and 19th - Galveston Island - Two Days at Sea

Keith and Julie waiting at dock before boarding
Mattia and Ed waiting at dock waiting also
Carnival Liberty pushing away from dock
Carnival Freedom still at the docks
Keith and Julie on the ship as Liberty sailing out of port
Looking at dolphins on side of the ship as Liberty left the port
First night of dining.  From left to right: Mattia, Branden, Charlie, Dylan, Julie, Keith and Ed
Julie, Keith, Ed and Mattia at dinner
Julie and Keith at dinner

June 20th - Cozumel, Mexico

On all the trips to Cozumel, we always rent Jeeps and drive around the island.  First stop is one of the great free beaches around 15 minutes from the port where we swim for half day and enjoy the food there.  After swimming we make several stops on the other beaches on the south side of the island before making a final stop at Coconuts Bar and Grill which is the highest point on the island.  After Coconuts, we continue driving around island and enter the main city to come from the north side back towards the port.

The group coming off the ship
Keith standing, Julie and Mattia inside the Jeep.  Ed about to get into the second Jeep
Ed and Charlie at the second Jeep.  Dylan and Branden inside the Jeep
At Mr Sancho's All inclusive beach Lounge:
Mattia posing and Charlie, Dylan and Branden in the water at the beach
Mattia and Charlie talking to Ed on the right
Julie and Keith at the same beach
Keith and Julie swimming
Julie and Keith sitting down for some great tacos and casadias.
Our next stop on the South side of island which has beautiful volcanic rock and surf breaking on it with a nice little tourist shop.
Left side of beach and volcanic rock location
Right side of beach and volcanic rock.  Mexico Flag mounted on the right
Mattia, Julie and Ed on the left side of volcanic rock looking back to road
Julie and Keith at the beautiful volcanic rock location
Julie and Keith at the same location to the left drinking a Margaretta
Dylan, Charlie and Branden on the right side
Keith next to the tourist shop
Branden, Dylan and Charlie next to Mexico flag
Beautiful Water shot
At Coconut's Bar and grill.  The far southwest corner of the island and the highest point on the island.
Looking at the water from the back area of the bar
Julie at the back of the bar.  Southwest view of the beach
Keith at the same location
Ed and Keith sitting inside the bar area
Keith and Julie sitting inside the bar area
Parrot Chimichanga at the bar ... one of many

June 21st - Progresso, Mexico - Uxmal

We went to one of the best Mayan Cities that can be visited in Progresso.  The tour bus takes roughly and 1.5 hours to get there but worth it and after walking Uxmal, we enjoyed a great after noon lunch at the location at a restaraunt in the courtyard entrance to Uxmal. 

Mattia, Ed and Julie sitting for our tour group to leave for bus ride to Uxmal
At entrance to Uxmal.  Courtyard before entering the Mayan City of Uxmal
The first pyramid at the entrance of Uxmal.  "The house of the Magician"  Often called the Soothsayer's Pyramid
Keith in front of the pyramid
Looking back at the Magician House
Photo standing on the Porticco of the East looking down at the field area
Keith standing on the Porticco
One of many Iguanas that we saw everywhere in Uxmal
Julie and Keith
The whole group of us
Julie and Keith at the top of the Great Pyramid which is at the back of Uxmal.  Note there are other pyramids that still have not been unearthed behind this one.  Keith at the same location in 2005, 11 years prior where the Soothsayer's Pyramid was visible.
Dinner back on the ship

June 22nd - Fun day at Sea - Formal dining night

Charlie running on the deck in TRex costume while everyone was sitting and watching Jurassic World movie on the deck
Keith and Julie formal dining photo 1
Keith and Julie formal dining photo 2
Keith and Julie formal dining photo 3
Ed, Charlie and Mattia formal dining photo
Julie, Keith and Mattia's Irish Coffees

June 23rd - Fun day at Sea - Last night

Charlie, Branden and Dylan with our wait staff Borris, Budiana and Susilo
Julie on the deck around 11pm eating an ice cream cone as we passed by many lighted oil rigs and beautiful views of the stars and the moon