Scuba Certification
University Of Houston
August 2012

In August of 2012, I took a Scuba Certification class at University of Houston with two friends Kali Wells and Sascha Jilg.  The class was very well done by Steve Woerner and Jim Sutphen of WW Diving Co. of Humble Texas.

The pool at University Of Houston was excellent with a very nice large deep area of 17 feet which gave us a comparable depth that we would be doing our open water testing.  The only negative was it tended to be cold after a while, where we all ended up wearing wet suits to keep warm. 

The Open Water testing consisted of two days of testing and was done at "The Blue Lagoon" in Huntsville Texas.  The water was fairly clear and the temperature was around 87 degrees.  On the 2nd day, Kali wore a red shirt which made him the expendable crew member.

1 17 feet down at bottom of University of Houston's Pool
2 The Scuba Certification Lake - Blue Lagoon in Huntsville Tx.
3 Keith, Kali Wells & Sascha Jilg at Location 1, Section 7.  Day 1 of 2.
4 Kali Wells, Sascha Jilg, Catalina Wells and Theresa Wells at the same location.   Day 1 of 2.
5 Keith, Kali and Sascha after our fourth and final dive which completed our Certification.   Day 2 of 2.