North Carolina
Raleigh, Fayetteville & Durham
March 22nd - 25th, 2013

This was a nice relaxing trip that we always wanted to do so that Johnna could see where she spent part of her childhood and see the Air Force base that her father flew C 130s out of for part of his extensive Air Force career.  Another reason for going was our good friend, Tommy Trest's son Thomas Trest was about to leave the Army and was stationed at Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC

Friday, March 22nd.  Raleigh

We toured Capital Building, Parks, Downtown and met Tommy's Daughter Regina, Son-In-Law Steve and two grand children.  Regina drove up from ... to meet us for the afternoon.

1 View of the State Capital from the steps
2 Keith and Johnna in front of 3 Presidents Statue
3 Johnna in front of World War I monument.
4 George Washington Statue
5 Johnna sitting inside the 3 story Capital Building as were about to start the tour.
6 Keith in downtown Raleigh near Marriott Hotel.
7 Tommy, Johnna holding Regina's dog and Regina.

Saturday, March 23rd, Fayetteville

Toured Fort Bragg, Air Force Base Pope which is was turned over to the Army.  Thomas showed us many of the buildings along with guiding us around as we drove the huge campus.  Later we toured Fayetteville and saw Johnna's childhood home.  Late in the day we drove to Raven Rock State Park to explore the nearest State Park on the way to Durham.

1 Tommy, Johnna and Thomas standing in front of Thomas's lodging.
2 Johnna, Tommy and Thomas standing in front of Thomas's main work location
3 Johnna, Tommy and Thomas at Pope Air Force Base airplane exhibits.  Bud Latterner flew the first airplane of the 3 and maybe the others also.
4 Keith on the sidewalk at the exhibit.
5 Pope runway
6 Johnna home at 514 Lancaster.
7 Johnna and Keith outside of the Airborne Museum next to Iron Mike Statue.
8 Keith, Johnna, Thomas and Tommy inside of the Airborne Museum.
9 Keith at Raven Rock State Park.

Sunday, March 24th, Durham

We toured Bennett Place and drove around to see the city of Durham including a little bit of Duke University.

1 Johnna and Keith outside of Bennett's Place
2 The house where the USA Civil War peace treaty between the North and South was signed