Colorado Ski Trip
December 15th, 2012 through December 19th, 2012

This trip we had eight people going: Tommy and son Nick Trest, David Shin, Mia Pham, David Gamez, Grady Walling, Jessie Patterson and Keith Montz.  Jessie and Grady drove up from Houston with the ski bikes and took some extra time to see sights along the way.

We had a 3 level townhouse in Keystone across the main road from Keystone Mountain.  Access to Keystone was just a few minutes and Vail was around a 30 minute drive. 

We ski biked Sunday and Tuesday at Keystone and skied / snow boarded on Monday at Vail.  Unbeknownst to us, Vail is now allowing ski bikes so next time we will be ski biking there.  We had beautiful ski days at Keystone but Vail was overcast which dropped the temperatures down a great deal on the mountain. 

Unlike other trip's last day, we were unable to go site seeing in towns around Denver as a large regional snow storm was hitting Denver very hard which made us nervous about possible traffic delays to the airport.

1 Group shot eating in the town of Frisco.  Left side: Tommy, Nick, David and Mia.  Right side: David, Grady, Jessie and Keith.
2 Upstairs at Townhouse.  Tommy and Nick looking at Ski videos of the group.  Jessie gearing up in the background.
3 At Vail.  Left to right: Nick, Tommy, David Gamez, Keith and David Shin
4 At Vail.  Left to right: Nick, Tommy, David Gamez, Keith and Mia.
5 At Vail.  Resting on one of the slopes.  Left to right: Nick, Tommy and Keith.
6 At Vail.  Keith coming down through the trees with Mia.  The photo does not show the 45 degree drop off with very dense trees.   Nick, Tommy and David Shin had made a partial trail ahead which we were trying to use.  Since Mia and I were a few minutes behind them, with no sight of them, we lost track of where they went and we also lost their trail.
7 At Vail.  After deciding not to go through the trees, #6, which would be a double black diamond run, we climbed out.  Keith resting in the snow for a moment.   We were at the top of the mountain and though I am a long distance runner, the air is very thin and a little taxing to catch one's wind back.
8 At Vail.  Keith and Tommy on top of the mountain about to ski down.
9 At Vail.  Keith.  This was the first trip with new ski jacket.  Almost to warm.
10 At Keystone.  Tommy and Keith at top of the main lift on ski bikes, looking down at lake and city of Dillon  Tommy has a Hero Video Recorder on his back.  Our group took turns videoing.