Annual Ski Trip 2010
Telluride Colorado
Feb 18th through 21st

This year we had seven attendees: Tommy Trest, Nick Trest (son), Jessie Patterson, Holger Piprek, Myk Thornton, Pablo Riesco and myself.  We started off with four people and booked a nice Townhouse right next to Coonskin Lift (#7).   As we got close to the trip, Nick and Jessie, planned on driving there and Pablo booked a flight.  Pablo is a contractor working with Holger who is from Argentina, South America who had only snow boarded once in his country joined us for the first time.  Because of the limited space we managed sleeping arrangements with sleeping bags and a swing out couch and chair.  Myk, who lives in Grand Junction (CO), picked us up from Montrose Airport.

Upon our landing we became nervous about our prospects of skiing because there had not been any snow for a few weeks and we did could see roots, rocks and dirt on the ski run next to our Townhouse.  Fortunately the weather report predicted heavy snow fall for the next few days, which began the evening of our arrival.  Unfortunately, the first of the two days of snow was nearly a blizzard at times with very limited visibility on top of some of the ski runs.  When riding the gondolas, it was very cold.  On the second day of skiing, mid morning, the snow finally stopped falling to open very beautiful views of the mountains and the twin cities of Telluride.

On the last day before catching our flight back home, we stopped off in the town of Ouray to walk the town and see the Ice Climbing at Ouray Ice Park. 

  1st Day
1 Tommy and Keith coming off of the plane.
2 Loading up at the airport into Myk's wife 2004 Honda Pilot.
3 Parking in town to get keys to Townhouse and see the old town side of Telluride.
4 View of Coonskin Lift #7 from second floor of our Townhouse.
5 View of the slope coming down to Coonskin Lift #7 from second floor of Townhouse.
6 Walking on one of the long trails in town.  Tommy, Holger, Pablo and Myk.
7 View of the modern areas (village core) of Telluride next to Chondola Lift (#1)
8 Myk waxing skis in the Townhouse Garage.  Tommy and Pablo watching.


  2nd Day - First day of skiing
1 View of the Coonskin Lift #7 going up.  Note the heavy snow fall.
2 Keith & Myk on one of the gondolas
3 Tommy at one of the lifts.
4 Holger one one of the runs.
5 Nick coming down to one of the lifts.
6 Keith and Nick on one of the runs. 
7 Holger and Keith at one of the lifts.
8 Myk at lift #5.
9 Keith at one of the tops of the Mountain.  Note the white out condition.
10 Another trip down from the top.  Keith in blue jacket.
11 Chondola Lift #1.


  3rd Day - Second day of skiing
1 Keith at Chonola Lift #1.
2 Tommy coming down one of the runs.
3 View at the top towards town where 2nd day's #9 was white out the day before.
4 Same location as #3 but looking towards bowl runs at the top.
5 View 1/3 of the way up looking down at the old town area of Telluride towards our Townhouse.
6 View of one of the lifts half way up the mountain.
7 View of one of the runs from lift ride up.
8 View of a run showing way down to Chondola Lift #1.
9 Keith and Pablo coming down a nice Green run next to the million dollar homes.
10 Pablo and Keith on one of the lifts.
11 Pablo off one of the trails.


  4th Day - Ouray Colorado
1 Keith, Tommy, Myk & Holger at one of the lookout points
2 Ouray Ice Park Sign explaining the rules of climbing the Gorge.
3 Myk & Keith in front of one of the areas as two climbers prepare for climb down.
4 View of second bridge with national flags of and observatory.
5 Farther up the Gorge showing two climbers descending.
6 Back at the start of the Gorge in the easy area showing a climber descending.
7 Two climbers: Descending & ascending in one of the more challenging areas.
8 The town of Ouray.
9 Contrast photo first photo on this webpage of airplane before they de-iced.