Aberdeen, Scotland & London, England
April 2002

This was my fifth business trip to Aberdeen where I finally took some time to take some pictures in Aberdeen along with some time to see London's tourist sites.   On my previous trips, I have gone by myself and I always had time for golf and other fun things.   This time, I went with two others from my company and we found our schedule packed with appointments, not allowing much recreation time.

Aberdeen, Scotland

Patio Hotel where we stayed.  Located next to the harbor and off the beach.
In downtown Aberdeen in front of William Wallace statue.
Park area next to the courtyard with the William Wallace statue.  Train line in back ground.
Triangular cross streets around the William Wallace statue with library and church in background.
Stone Haven City which is to the east of Aberdeen.
Stone Haven Port shot 1
Stone Haven Port shot 2   Notice the water is down, awaiting the tide to come in.
Dunnotar Castle Post Card.  So that you can see aerial view.
Jim Rushing and myself in parking lot of the historical site.   It was very cold and windy!
Dunnotar Castle.   Located near the city of Stone Haven.  Wedding and parties are held there.
Shot of the long path to get to the castle
Shot 3 of Dunnotar Castle
Before the walk path down
Shot of the walk down before going up into the castle
Aberdeen Port shot
Aberdeen Port shot 2.   Look at the size of these "tug boats".  The sea there is very ruff.
Ashvale Fish Restaurant.  Winner of best Seafood Rest. in all of UK for many years. (more of the restaurant goes to the right of the picture.)
Lethen Arms Pub.  Great place near the Baker Hughes INTEQ Portlethen facility for getting some lunch and after hours socializing.
Recreation area with shops and restaurants near the Pattio Hotel where we had dinner on many nights.
Night Club Shot1 & 2.   Aberdeen has nearly a church on every corner where many have been sold and have become clubs, restaurants, hotels and business.  What struck me as offending was this night club left up the many symbols of its former life.

London, England

After arriving outside London on Friday evening before leaving on a morning flight, Kevin Baker and myself caught a train at midnight from Gatwick airport to arrive in London at 1am.   From 1am until around 3am, we had a taxi driver take us all around London to see all of it's great historic sites.  Unfortnately, most of all the picture we took with a camera and a video camera did not develop good enough for displaying.

Sites we saw: Buckingham Palace, Piccadelly Circus, London Stone, St Paul Cathedral, Tower Of London, London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, House Of Lords, Scotland Yard, Westminster Abbey, 10 Downing Street, Wellington Arch and Marble Arch.  The good thing about going at these strange hours was that we were told that it would take a whole day with the London traffic to see what we saw in 2 hours if we attempted our tour during the day hours.

Kevin Baker and myself next to the London Stone.  Marker from the Roman Empire
Outside the British Cabinet's office off of 10 Downing Street.
Buckingham Palace Statue
Piccadelly Circus
London Bridge
Big Ben
St Paul Cathedral
Shot of our Taxi with Kevin in the Driver's seat