Ann Gaushell Montz
September 18, 1932 to May 13, 2011


Age 8 1940
Age 28 1952
Age 35 1959
With dog: Patches. At her; home in Baskingridge, New Jersey, with mother: Ruth Black; Nephew: Tom Michael 1990
On porch with grandson, Derek, at rented beach house, Surfside, Tx during week vacation 19-Jun-1991
Jim and Ann at part for Jim's Aunt Madia's birthday party at Houston Country Club Oct 1996
Jim and Ann Montz enjoying the blue bonnets 1996
Jim and Ann Montz on Alaskan Cruise 1998
Jim and Ann Dec 2001
Kitchen Closed 11-May-2002
Ann and sister Carolyn Michaels 12-May-2002