Ann Waguespack Montz
 January 4, 1924 to June 19, 1989

Four years old  
Early Twenties (age) 195x
In field 195x
From Prudential Internal Magazine  (Read the business message!) 195x
Nice shot April 1955
Gone Fishing April 1955
At Shrine Of Gaudalupe, Mexico City.  Honeymoon. 1957
Golfing with Jim Montz.  Ann was a great golfer. 1958?
Baby Shower at Prudential for future baby James Keith Montz March 1960
Ann Montz with sons: Keith & David  Movie 1965
At Prudential  
With James D. Montz at Prudential Function 1983
Keith, Ann and David on Jeckel Island, Georgia during a vacation 1985
Outside Disney World, Epcot Center Florida 1985
With Jim Montz as published in the Jacksonville, Florida Village Gazette 1986
Jim and Ann Montz 1986?
In Living Room at Jacksonville, Florida home during battle w/ cancer. 1987
Obituary Notice June 1989