The Training Week
July 2002
"Beer Can House"

One week in July 2002, my company had people from USA, Canada and Scotland over for training on one of my systems which I developed for world wide use.  We had a lot of fun going around Houston after hours letting our out of Towner's see some of Houston.  Along with seeing downtown, the Galleria, Dome(s), baseball stadiums, it is always fun to show the famous beer can house off of Memorial Drive.   I decided to make this a web page because not to many Houstonians know about it and while it has been there for many years, no one believes me when I describe it.

Usually, the yard at the house is well kept, but we ran into someone coming out of the house who said he was house sitting.  Another funny aspect of the neighborhood is that there is very old, run down houses in this neighborhood next to very modern and expensive homes.  The neighborhood is very near downtown Houston and is going through many changes as up in coming professionals buy out the old houses.

Coming up on to the Beer Can House
Front gate of the house
Driveway going back to the garage
A side of the house
A good angle view of the House
The marquee sign
Our group in front of the House: Gary Bowden, John, Dave Duncan, Kevin Baker, Keith Montz, Yvonne Maconachie & Les Gavins