Beta Theta Pi
Delta Upsilon Chapter
25th Anniversary Celebration

On January 19th, 2002, the University of Houston Chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity celebrated its 25th year of existence.   The event was held at the University of Houston's Hilton Hotel with over a 120 attendees made up of alumni, actives, Beta little sisters, wives, family members and friends.   The keynote speaker was __ from.  Other speakers were Fernando Rodriguez, Michael Bolton and Dean Aitken. 

The night before many of the Betas along with others had a get together at Farragos Restaurant in an informal manner to further enjoy the opportunity to visit one another.  Many of the brothers have not seen each other in over 20 years.  Both nights were filled with long handshakes and brotherly embracing.  Words can not describe the feelings felt to speak with brothers not seen for so long but who were never out of mind.  In this age of emails, which we have all exchanged with each other, could never take the place of being together.

Over the last 25 years of the Chapter's history, many of the brothers have moved all of the United States and other countries.  Fernando "Ferd" Rodriguez, came in from the Dominican Republic to stay with myself, Keith Montz, while others like Michael Herndon came in from Seattle, Washington to stay with Terry Moore.  Terry Moore also opened his house to Michael Bolton, Bob Bailes and Jeff Morrow who also came from out of town.  Very special honors over all must go to Michael Toenis, who is suffering from Lou Garrets disease, for his extraordinary effort in organizing the event with the Alumni President Fernando Delaria.

January 18th, 5th annual Beta Golf Tournament at Greatwood Country Club:

# Group Shots: Roll #s:
1 Chris Thomas, Charlie Haubien, Richard Tiller, Keith Montz  guests & 34
2 Ferd Rodriguez, Corky Atchison, John Graml 3, ,
3 Ferd Rodriguez shooting out of a sand trap.  (This is Ferd's 1st game of golf) 3
4 Corky Atchison, Ferd Rodriguez and Keith Montz x, 3, 34
5 David Estes, Ferd Rodriguez, Ryan Galvez, Alex Araujo x,3,x,x

January 18th at Farragos Restaurant:

# Group Shots: Roll #s:
1 Mike Humphrey, Ferdnando Rodriguez, Tomas Greene x, 3, 4
2 Bob Bailes, Mike Humphrey, Thomas Greene, Ferd Rodriguez, Keith Montz 36, x, 4, 3, 34
3 Terry Moore, Nadim Nasir, Ferd Rodriguez, Michael Bolton x, 28, 3, 37
4 Fernando De La Riva, x, Michael Bolton, August Edsley, Ryan Galvez  
5 Terry Moore, Ferd Rodriguez, Jeff Morrow, Bob Bailes, Michael Herndon, Keith Montz, x  
6 Bob Bailes, Ferd Rodriguez, Michael Bolton 36, 3, 37
7 x  
8 August Endsley and wife, x, Ferd Rodriguez, Ryan Galvez and wife  
9 x, John Graml, Ferd Rodriguez x, x, 3
10 x  
11 x, Michael Bolton, John Graml x, 37, x
12 Jeff Morrow, Terry Moore, Bob Bales, Michael Herndon, Keith Montz, Fernando De La Riva  

January 19th Celebration at the University Of Houston Hilton Hotel:

# Group Shots: Roll #s:
1 Paul Bosse, Michael Gresham, Tomas Green, Fernando Rodriguez, Keith Montz x, 32, 4, 3, 34
2 Jerome Dunn, Richard Ruth, Dean Aitken, Keith Montz  
3 Keith Montz, Dean Aitken, Paul Thornton, Jermome Dunn, Eric Zoerb :
4 Gina Winslow, Greg Winslow, Keith Montz n/a, 30, 34
5 Troy Williams, Eric Zoerb, Nadim Nasir, Dean Aitken, Eric Kingshill, Richard Ruth, Jerome Dunn, Keith Montz x, x, 28, x, x, ...
6 Keith Montz, Jeff Morrow, Terry Moore 34, 38, x
7 Jeff Morrow, Keith Montz, Kevin Kelley 38, 34, x
8 Jeff Morrow, Keith Montz, Nadim Nasir, Kevin Kelley, Michael Herndon  
9 Keith Montz, Ferd Rodriguez, Thomas Greene, Mike Gresham, Paul Bosse 34, 3, x, 32, x
10 Karen Toenis, Michael Toenis, Ferd Rodriguez, Andre Toennis x, x, 3, x
11 Keith Montz, Greg Winslow, Ferd Rodriguez, Gina Winslow, Mike Gresham 34, 31, 3, x, 32
12 Ferd Rodriguez, Linda Bush (Lil' Sister), David Bush 3, x, x
13 Terry Moore, Jeff Morrow, Keith Montz x, x, 34
14 Martin Atchison, James Quinn, Rob Browning, Mike Toennis, Jacques Adoue, David Bush, Paul Bosse, Ferd Rordriguez, Greg Williams, Thomas Greene  
15 Ferd Rodriguez, Richard Rueth (in back), Nadim Nasir, Eric Zoerb 3, x, 28, x
16 Eric Zoerb, Bruce Wetman, Bob Bales, Ferd Rodriguez, Bob Bales, Greg Wetman, Nadim Nazir  
17 Greg Winslow, Ferd Rodriguez, Nadim Nasir 28, 3, 29
18 Standing: Speaker 1 & wife, Thomas Greene, Paul Bosse, Ferd Rodriguez, Greg Winslow, Nadim Nasir; Sitting: Speaker 2 and wife, John Graml, Dina Graml  
19 Terry Moore, Michael Herndon, Mike Bolton, Nadim Nasir, Kevin Kelley, x, Jeff Morrow, Keith Montz, Bob Bales  
20 Raj Nasir, Greg Winslow, Gina Winslow, Cheryl. Mike Gresham, Greg Wetman, Bruce Wetman, Nadim Nasir, Rachel Nasir  
21 Jacques Adoue, Jim Quinn, David Bush  
22 Michelle Humphrey, Jacques Adoue, Mike Humphreys, Jim Quinn, David Bush, Linda Bush, Mrs G. Williams and Greg Williams  
23 Mrs. Martin Atchison, Martin Atchison, Mike Toennis, Karen Toennis, Rob Browning, Andre Toennis