Grand Caymans & Cozumel Cruise
Five Day Cruise out of Fort Lauderdale
March 13-20, 2009

This was a great Spring Break vacation for the family.  We took two cars from Houston, TX to Fort Lauderdale, FL.  In the first car there was Keith, Johnna, Megan and Taylor.  In the Second car we had Derek and his three friends: Oseas & Benji Romero and Leila Ofobeze.  It took us one day to drive there and one day to drive back.

Fort Lauderdale.

1 Docked and on board Ship looking out into Fort Lauderdale
2 Derek, Benji, Oseas, Taylor, Leila and Megan on the back of ship
3 View of dock as we left.
4 Continuing out of Port.
5 Leaving the Port Channel.
6 Eating 1st Lunch as we left out to sea.

Grand Cayman

7 Sunrise view of island from front of the ship as we approached.
8 Leila, Derek, Megan, Benji and Taylor on the front of the ship as we approached the Island
9 View of very clean island streets as we went on a bus to snorkeling excursion.
10 View of the channel where our snorkeling excursion boat was docked.
11 The gang on the back of the boat along with one of the English captains
12 Megan and Johnna with a view of the island.
13 Keith on the back of the boat as we went to one of the two snorkeling destinations.
14 View of the beautiful water at our first dive location.
15 Underwater photo of the stingrays.
16 Derek and Benji geared up in the water.
17 Taylor and Benji with view of the tour boat in the background.
18 One of the captains grabbing the stingrays that come to our location to be fed.
19 Derek and Oseas about to get back on the tour boat.
20 Sea bed view with the large sea shells decorating the bottom.  I (Keith) got the one in bottom.
21 Oseas and Taylor cruising in the water.
22 Great photo of one of the stingrays.
23 Close up view on the coral and plants.
24 Another close up view with some beautiful fish.
25 All of us (Oseas taking photo) after snorkeling at our second dive location by barrier reef.
26 Walking on the island.  Derek, Taylor and Keith
27 Leila, Derek, Oseas and Benji posing next to a suit of armor
28 Eating dinner that evening on the ship.  Leila, Keith, Johnna, Megan and Taylor.


29 As we were approaching and about to dock.
30 Walking on the dock after leaving the ship.  Taylor, Derek and Benji
31 Leila, Derek, Megan, Benji and Oseas in one of our two rent a cars before leaving docks.
32 Keith driving second car which was a open topped Jeep with Johnna and Taylor.
33 Stop #1:  Playa Palancar.  A free beach with all the amenities!
34 Megan and Derek in the parking lot next to the beach with the beautiful peacocks.
35 Leila and Benji in the water.  Megan and Keith on the beach.
36 Johnna putting on some sun screen as she sat on the beach.
37 Oseas, Leila, Derek, Benji and Keith about to go into the water.  There were some sharp shells to navigate through.
38 All of in #37 in the water.  Keith swimming out to the tethered barrier buoys.
39 Johnna and Oseas relaxing at our tables after swimming.
40 Benji and Derek getting some sun.
41 Taylor looking at some souvenirs as we left our first stop.
  Next we drove completely around the island taking in the beauty.  The photos of the water do not do justice to the turquoise, blue and light blue shades of the water!
42 Rocky beach
43 Rocky beach 2
44 Tidal pool beach view.
45 View from our jeep down the road with our other car in distance.
46 Nice sandy beach with some waves to enjoy body surfing.
47 Our second stop at a Mayan temple location, San Gatvasto. 
48 View of our ship from the tourist shops


49 Carnival Inspiration view at dusk
50 Taylor and Keith waling back to ship at Cozumel.
51 Derek and Taylor waiting as we negotiated rental cars at Cozumel
52 Back of the ship at the start of trip.
53 A little humor against Microsoft.