Beijing and Shanghai China Vacation
October 2001

This is possibly one of those once in a life time trips even though I hope to go back soon.  I thank my wife for letting me take this trip with my good friend Dan Lee who went for the opportunity to see some of the World's great wonders like The Great Wall and Forbidden City, and also to see about investments in Shanghai.   I found myself enjoying this trip but missing my family greatly, while in turn, Dan left behind two very jealous and nervous girl friends.  Since Dan speaks Mandarin, communications were not a problem and we had practically no limits.  Our trip came just one week after the Asian Pacific Economic Conference which was attended by President George Bush, which explained many Texas Flags and a few American Flags in Tiananmen Square.

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Beijing Stay  (notes) nice photo of part of downtown.

Ming's Tomb   (notes) Outside & in courtyard w/ Museum
Walking around the side of the complex to the back entrance of the tomb.  Observatory    (outside stair case Movie)
Dan and I leaving the Tomb Note: no pictures were allowed inside.

The Great Wall  (notes) Riding rickshaw to Great Wall  Movie
Guards and police patrolling entrance.  Philippine President was touring at the same time we were.  My back is to camera filming the scene.   (Click here  Movie) On Great Wall.  Army guard was only allowing tourists to exit from the east side of Great Wall as Philippine President was coming from that direction.
About to enter the walk path up to the Great Wall Standing on The Great Wall shot 1
Standing on The Great Wall shot 2 Shot from highest point we were on
Great shot of the immense size of the Great Wall Shot showing the walking path.
Film clip view of Great Wall   Movie  

The Summer Palace  (notes)  
Dan and me at entrance   (click here Movie About to enter Deheyuan Theatre area of the Emperor
The Deheyeun Theatre.  This is where Chinese opera was performed in full costumes seen to the right--> Me dressed in princely attire from the ancient theater.   This is done in the room containing the Portrait of Empress Dowager Cixi.  (Film Clip Movie)
On one of the very long walkways near the lake on "The Suzhou Street" and near "Xiequayauan (the Garden of Harmonious Interests)" Standing ground level with "The Tower Of Buddha Fragrance" in the background.
Walking in the "Baoyunge (the Precious Cloud Pavilion) on the way up to "The Tower Of Buddha Fragrance." The next series of stairs after the picture to the left. I am at the top in blue holding my video camera.
At the top of the complex behind "The Tower Of Buddha Fragrance"  
On boat dock   Film Clip from boat ride on lake    Movie Post Card panoramic view2nd view

The Forbidden City  (notes) postcard shot The Gate of Divine Prowess
Dan and me in first courtyard known as the three Front Halls: Hall of Supreme Harmony, Middle Harmony and Hall of Preserving Harmony.  (Film Clip   Movie) Standing overlooking a courtyard outside the six west halls occupied by the empress and imperial concubines and the Hall of Mental Cultivation resided by 8 Qing emperors.
One of the Emperor's many bedrooms Standing in corridor of old concubines lodgings.  This is where "retired" concubines lived their lives.
In courtyard where deer were kept for their blood to be drunk by Emperor to help keep him potent and healthy. Outside the Pavilion of Eternal Spring in the Imperial Garden
Second courtyard     Movie  

The Temple Of Heavens  (notes) At Entrance on Danbi Bridge (notes)
About to go into the Circular Mount Alter     (notes) Standing in the Circular Mount Alter
Leaving Circular Mount Alter overlooking more of the Temple In corridor about to go into Imperial Vault Of Heaven.      (notes)
Standing in the Echo Wall     (notes)  Film Clip of Echo Wall     Movie At the far Eastern Gate

Tiananmen Square  (notes) postcard shot
Film clip. Texas flag flown next to China's Flag all over the place!!!   Movie At Tiananmen Square, China  (see TX Flag!)

Dan & me at Fanghua Pearls and Jewelry Factory (we each bought a Jade Globe) Eating w/ our Cab Driver that we hired for several days
Another huge factory, Qian Xiang Yi Silk Store, we visited and bought souvenirs.  Established in 1840. Dining at the most recommended restaurant off of the lake that the Summer Palace shares    Movie

Shanghai Stay  (notes), (picture of the city), (film clip of the city from the Hotel Movie)

At American Chamber Of Conference (Yangpu Bridge - largest span bridge in world)
Outside "Knock Off" KFC.  No we didn't eat there!   (Had to get a picture of this.) Lobby of Hilton where we stayed  (A very beautiful 5 Star Hotel)
Hard Rock Cafe Shanghai.  After eating authentic Chinese food too many nights, we had  to get something American. Standing off of Huangpu River across from Jin Mao Tower and Pearl TV Tower (notes on Tower)   Notes on the Pearl Tower
(Souvenir Card)
Film Clip viewing Pearl Tower of Jin Mao Tower from across the Huangpu River.    Movie Film Clip from observation deck of Jin Mao Tower, 3rd tallest building in world.    Movie
Film Clip from a market place we shopped at several different days.    Movie Film Clip of Night Life at an American style square of night clubs and restaurants before the grand opening of new club.   Movie