Snow Skiing January 2014
Stayed in Keystone Colorado, skied in Keystone and Snowmobile in the Rockies
January 11th through 15th

This was a great but very cold ski trip.  We had two groups totaling 13 people with two 1st class townhouses near Keystone Mountain. 

Note: This was Tommy Trest's last trip with us.  Unbeknownst to him, he had a heart problem which took him at the age of 59.  He was a brother and best friend to everyone who taught many of us to ski, scuba dive, ride a motorcycle, fix houses and so much more.  He will be sorely missed and we look forward to seeing him on the other side as he is a Christian.  Tommy was a cross between James Bond and MacGyver without the alcohol and womanizing problems, whom had over 300 parachute jumps, sky diving off of buildings, scuba diving at night in lakes and too many other attributes to list, which many of us got to experience with him. 

1 Tommy at the top about to film everyone.
2 Charlie on the ski bike and Suzanne about to go down one of the main runs at the top.
3 Keith at Clear Creek Canyon Park.
4 Keith throwing very heavy and huge rock into the river onto the frozen ice which didn't even crack.
5 Keith, Tommy and Charlie in Boulder at the Boulder Rock.