Carnival 7 Day Cruise
On "Elation"
January 31st - February 6th, 2005

First Cruise on Carnival

Sunday & Monday, On Ship

1Port Of Galveston looking out into city of Galveston
2Looking out of front of ship before departing
3Eating dinner Sunday night
4Shot of open ocean from port side
5Shot of ship, Elation, cutting through the water
6Johnna on deck overlooking pool
7Keith on deck overlooking pool

Tuesday, Progresso
Mayan City of Uxmal Excursion

8 On gangway
9 Johnna in front of entrance to Maya city of Uxmal
10 Keith in front of "The Soothsayer's Pyramid"
11 Shot of Iguana near "The Soothsayer's Pyramid"
12 The Portico of the East
13 Johnna about to walk towards "The Governor's House" through the game field. Notice the sideways hole object to the right. Losers or winners of games sometimes lost their head.
14 Looking back towards the "Soothsayer's Pyramid"
15 Keith in front of "The Governor's House"
16 Johnna climbing up "The Great Pyramid"
17 Keith on top of "The Great Pyramid" with "The Soothsayer's Pyramid" in the far distance.
18 Johnna on top of "The Great Pyramid" with pyramid in the background which has not been unearthed.
19 Keith on top of "The Great Pyramid" with a different pyramid in another direction, in the background which has not been unearthed.
20 Johnna climbing down the very steep steps of "The Great Pyramid"
21 Johnna holding the beautiful flower, Bugandea, at exit of tour.
22 Johnna on the beach of Progresso with our ship way in the distance
23 Leaving the docks
24 First night of formal dining

Wednesday, Cozumel
Bike and Snorkel Excursion

25 Johnna on dock before going on "Bike and Snorkel" excursion
26 Johnna biking along the beach
27 Keith in front of beach where we snorkeled
28 Keith in front of another part of the beach
29 Keith in a fresh water lagoon which has a cave known as a "cenotes"
30 Shot of port

Thursday, Belize
Rainforest and Cave tubing

31 Johnna about to cross river before hiking through rain forest.
32 Johnna and Elvis Hill, our guide, in rain forest.
33 Johnna and Keith about to get into the river with the dark cave in the background, which we went through for about 20 minutes.
34 Johnna and Keith with another shot of entry point.
35 Johnna about to go into darkness
36 A Mayan with two pet rainforest animals eating some sugar cane.  I climbed out of the river to take this photo.
37 Keith and Johnna on a small rapid in the river
38 Keith in the river
39 Keith exiting river shot 2
40 Eating at "Cheers" restaurant, where it is said "no one know your name and no one cares." : )
41 Next to Cheers was a fenced in "dangerous" animal called a Pecary which scared everyone at Cheers when in chewed out of it's fencing.
42 Keith in Pecary's cage after it was returned by care keepers.  It turned out the Precary was somewhat tamed.
43 Johnna looking at the many, many grassy and water covered islands outside of the main island of Belize.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday morning, On Ship

44 Johnna on deck at night
45 Keith on deck at night
46s Shot of blue water being turned up during ship testing before entering Galveston Harbor.