Captain Joseph Dalferes Family
Father of James Gardner Dalferes
Grandfather of Josephine Montz
Great Grandfather of James Dalferes Montz
Great Great Grandfather of James Keith Montz

(names listed below photo along with some other notes)

Top Row:  from left to right
Marie Delia Dalferes 14-Jun-1872 to 1-Mar-1900
Joseph Jean Dalferes 1-Jan-1866 to 15-Jan-1951  
Ada Josephine Dalferes 29-Mar-1868 to 14-Jun-1956  
Clementine Le Blanc Dalferes unknown to 15-Mar-1919 wife of Captain Dalferes
Claire Faustine Dalferes 11-Sep-1874 to 16-Jun-1970  
James Gardner Dalferes 19-Nov-1861 to 24-Apr-1942 Grandfather of James Dalferes Montz
Bottom Row: from left to right    
Marie Therese Dalferes 11-Nov-1876 to 8-Jul-1962  
Captain Joseph Dalferes unknown to 15-Nov-1887  
Joseph Anthony Dalferes 13-Dec-1878 to 6-Oct-1930  
Josephine Lea Dalferes 21-Mar-1970 to 9-Dec-1944  
Mary Nora Dalferes 27-Nov-1863 to 12-Mar-1948  

Not Pictured:

Captain Celstin Dalferes and Marie Truxillo (daughter of Domingo Truxillo and Marie Sebatiane Harnandez) married 10-May-1841.

Captain Celestin Dalferes was son of Antoine Daleres and Marie Therese Allemand.