Derek Stafford Junior Prom 2007

1 Hands in pocket in front yard.
2 Another shot in front yard.
3 Another shot reminiscent of early childhood
4 About to take off in car.
5 Picking up Cynthia Tran .  Shot 1
6 Picking up Cynthia Tran.  Shot 2
7 Group shot: Kevin Evangellista, Cynthia Tran, Derek, Pattie Yang, Shaunte Babaloa, Lorraine Cero and Richard Hua. 
8 Derek and Gracie Martinez
9 Derek and Tan Lee
10 Derek and Erica Jackson
11 Derek and Christina Garza
12 Derek and Nicole Ong
13 Derek, Monique Aguilar and Justin Payne
14 Derek and Ailie Chang
15 Derek and Natalie
16 Corbin Hedt, Ted Nguyen and Derek.  They all work at AMC Theater making AMC letters with hands.