First Hand Stories

All of us have good friends, acquaintances and people we meet that we learn about interesting and fun stories.  I have been very blessed to have a group of friends that have touched my life.  Below are stories that I have either seen or have heard from them first hand.    

Scott Harris

  1. Background
  2. The second highest number of assassin kills in Vietnam
  3. Eliminate a French Traitor running a interrogation facility.
  4. The Buddhist Monks.
  5. The blinded American prisoner.
  6. CIA sends 5 assassins into Cambodia.
  7. Scuba Diving and the Drug Enforcement Agency.
  8. Incident at Motel 6.

Dave Dyer (picture: Johnna & Keith with Dave & Carla Dyer 18-Feb-01)

  1. First meeting - I laughed in his face!
  2. Photographic memory
  3. Dave sells www ok com and retires at age 50
  4. Dave gets his 2nd Corvette Z06 from Corvette Museum.
  5. Dave at Astro's baseball game.  Pictured with owner Drayton McClain.
  6. Dave at Astro's baseball game.  Pictured with President George Bush.

Dan Lee

  1. Office King
  2. Moves to San Francisco

Ed Maldonado

  1. Buried in mud
  2. Opens up Golfer's Paradise

Michael Branham

  1. Neighbor pulls wife out of truck, knocks unconscious and the resulting court case.
  2. Divorce from Hell with awesome victory
  3. A bad partner - mid night raid at Depot on Morton Street
  4. Sells Buffalo Bills BBQ and retires at age 40