The Affects of Hurricane Ike on Freeport
Freeport is next to Galveston

On November 17, 2008, Phil Simpkin, Dan Lee and myself went down to Freeport to see the affects of Hurricane Ike.  We walked out on one of the long stone walkways guarding the channel which leads to the ship channel in Houston.  We saw a huge ship digging up the channel (dredging).

1 The Channel
2 Dan Lee, Phil Simpkin and Keith
3 Phil and Dan with a view back to the shore
4 Keith with view of Dredging Ship in the background
5 2nd view of Dredging Ship closer
1 View of the front yard of our house after Hurricane Ike.  We did not get any house damage.  Neighbors had roofing shingles torn off which were thrown all across our yard.