Friends and Relatives

Renee' and Michael Faulhaber at their house.  Renee' is Johnna's older sister. 1987
Aunt Betty Waguespack with Jim Montz at Foxbriar house 1990
Randy and pregnant Andra Burris with Derek Montz 1991
Randy and Andra Burris w/ kids: Taylor Montz, Kelsey Burris, Logan Burris and Derek Montz at our Creekbend House 20-Sep-92
Bill and Nancy Carter at a Thanksgiving Party at their home in the Woodlands, Tx   Nancy Carter is Johnna's mother's younger sister. 1996
Ruth Black.  Mother of Ann G. Montz and Carolyn Michael XMas 1996
Child hood best friend Randy Burris at our neighborhood Fourth of July block party 4-July-1995
Carolyn Michael at David Montz's annual Christmas Party.  Carolyn is Ann G. Montz's sister. XMas 1998
Ann G. Montz and nephew Tommy Michael 1998
Tommy Michael advertisement to his Houston stop show which we attend each year Dec 2001
The Latterner's: Scott, Angela with children Jacob, Conor, Caleb and Justin XMas 2003