Golf Vacation
Mesquite, Nevada
May 2006

This is an annual trip that is made by a group of about 20 men which are all connected through my childhood friend Ed Maldonado.  Ed owns a golf range in Pearland Texas which over the years has made him a lot of friends.   The location of the trip was chosen because of the spectacular views and golf holes on the golf courses chosen.  The pictures unfortunately do not do justice as they can only show a partial view and do not show depth. 

The only thing that could have made the trip perfect was the weather.  The temperature was 102 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit where it is normally in the low 80s this time of year.  Fortunately, we had plenty of water and dressed appropriately.  On the first day after finishing eighteen holes, Ed made the statement, "I've drunk a bottle of water on each and every hole and haven't taken a piss and don't need to now." 

Lastly, there was several interesting parts about playing in Mesquite after coming from the Houston area.  The elevation and thin air made all of our golf shots go substantially farther than in Houston.  We often had to take two clubs down from what we were use to.  Another interesting part was the greens were very fast and hard to keep the ball from rolling off of when hitting them from chip shots.

  Wolf Creek Golf Course                   (taken with a cheap camera)
1 Keith on one of the holes.
2 This hole had a 200 yard lake which you had to drive over.  The elevation a couple hundred feet which made the distance not to difficult.  My drive landed past the fair way in the ruff which is obscured by where I was standing
3 Mondo Saenz and Ivan in front of one of the greens.
4 Keith standing on a tee box which has the fairway about a 150 yards in the distance.
5 Keith on a great view of a fairway.
6 Mondo, Keith and Ivan standing on a tee box looking down several hundred feet to the green on a par 3.
7 Keith standing on another great view.
8 Peter Wheatley teeing off on number 10.
9 Keith on a great view with goose in the background.
10 On the tee box looking down on a par 3 with a green nestled down a hundred feet at about 150 yards away.
11 This shot was at the highest point on the course.  It is unfortunate that the picture doesn't show the beauty and height
12 Keith standing on a fairway overlooking another beautiful landscaped fairway.
13 Hole number 18 with it's awesome water fall.
  Falcon Ridge
1 Keith, John Sanchez, Peter & Mondo on the 1st tee box
2 Keith teeing off on hole #1.
3 Keith and John on driving range.
4 View of mountains surrounding golf course
5 Another view
6 A fast moving storm about to come our way.  We finished before it started raining, but it brought a lot of wind.
7 Mondo, Ed & Keith on a green.