Group Shots

Keith and Johnna 1988
Johnna, Keith & Derek (6 months old) 1989
Derek, Dad, Taylor and Mom at Jim and Ann's Foxbriar home 17-Oct-1991
Christmas at Jim and Ann Montz's in Sugarland, TX (whole family) 1994
Taylor, Megan and Derek 1994
Awesome shot of Derek and Megan at Horseshoe Bay 1997
Keith, Derek & Taylor at Stafford Elementary School Fitness night 1996
Halloween night at our house with friends from the neighborhood
(Megan bottom left, Derek bottom right and Taylor 2nd from right top)
David Montz (brother of Keith), Keith & Johnna Montz Family with son Derek and Jim Montz (father of David & Keith) 1990
Jim Montz and Derek on a vacation in Freeport 1991
Johnna's 31st Birthday dinner at Benihana Japanese steak house 21-Jun-1992
Keith & son Derek taking a nap.  Derek 3 years old 8-Nov-1992
Derek & Taylor 1992
Derek & Taylor 1994
Johnna and Keith at SCI Christmas Party.   1995
Megan, Taylor & Derek 1995
Taylor, Dad, Megan and Derek lounging on the couch upstairs 1996
Keith, Taylor and Derek at Stafford School Fitness Night 18-Jan-1996
Jim Montz, Derek & Taylor after tennis camp at Horse Shoe Bay June 1996
Halloween: kids w/ friends at our front door 96-Oct-31
Stafford Elementary Reading day at our house.
(Megan 2nd bottom left, Taylor to right of Megan and Derek between the two teachers.
First Day of School.  Megan's first year. 1997
First Day of School. 1998
Ann Montz, Derek & Taylor showing off vampire teeth. 1998
Jim and Ann Montz at Chapel Hill (Katie & Merv's house) 1998
Jim and Ann Montz on an Alaska Cruise
Jim Montz, Derek, Megan & Taylor at airport.  Their first trip on an airplane to go stay a week at Horseshoe Bay 1999
Thanksgiving at Bill and Nancy Carter's (Johnna's Uncle and Aunt) 2000
Johnna & Keith 18-Feb-01
Derek, Megan & Taylor w/ Sam on Easter in Chappel Hill, TX 15-Apr-2001
Derek, Megan, Taylor and Sam on the trails in Chappel Hill 15-Apr-2001
Keith and Johnna at Bud & Jean's BDay Party at Taste of Texas 4-Aug-2001
At Barry's Pizza in the Fountains after a Movie  kids, Keith & Dyer(s) Nov 2001
Family Thanksgiving at Bill & Nancy Carters 22-Nov-2001
Derek, Taylor & Megan with Texas Santa at Johnna's office Dec 2001
At Christmas play, "Fort Faithful".  Jobee, Megan, Taylor, Derek, Keith and Pastor Jimmy      (Click here for link to shots from play.) Dec 2001
Jobee, Derek, Megan, Trey, Taylor & Frank with pets on our street Jan 2002
Keith, Johnna, Taylor, Megan, Derek, Jim and David Montz.  Celebrating return of kids from a fun Spring Break at Horse Shoe Bay.   March 2002
The weekly sleep over.   Dog - Tiger, Trey Lambart, Dog - Jake, Derek, Taylor, Trent and Dustin Aug 2002
Montz Family in Lead Colorado outside Hotel.   Nov 2002
Father's Day 2003.  Celebrating with Bud Latterner Jun 2003
Rock Wall Climbing in the neighborhood.  Owned by neighbors Sam & Christina Pruett May 2003
Water Skiing on San Benard River in Lake Jackson, Texas Jun 2003
Johnna and Keith in front of the Fire Place at home Jun 2004
Johnna holding Taylor and Megan with Pappa Jim in Bastop, Tx.   Pappa Jim is taking kids for a week at Horse Shoe Bay, Tx. Jun 2004
Keith & Johnna at Ovations. Sep 2004
At Derek's 16th Birthday party, awaiting dinner Oct 2005
Rachel Lambert, Jobee Lee, Derek & Taylor Montz & Asley Nov 2005