Guadalupe Tubing at Canyon Lake
August 15-16, 2008

Like many other trips you have seen on our web site, we had several families participating in the fun.  We chose tubing this summer because most of the families have never taken their children on this common Texas recreation.  Before the tubing trip we spent the night in Horse Shoe Bay and left there the next morning for Canyon Lake City.

We started on the tubing trip a little after 1:00 pm on Saturday.  The starting point is a bridge in the middle of Canyon Lake City which caters to several tubing, kayaking and canoeing outfitter companies.  The river experience has three different runs that stop at bridges where shuttles take you back to your outfitter.  The first trek is about an hour and half which can be repeated over and over; the second trek takes a little over four hours and the last is a six to sever hour trek.  We selected the second option.

The first three hours was a lot of fun with a variety small rapids and beautiful scenery.  The water was very cold but we quickly got a accustomed to it.  The sun was very hot so the cold water felt good.  I elected to be the "designated water ice chest tube driver / photo taker" where we had twenty four water bottles on ice with honey nut granola bars for snacks on the trek.  The last hour of the trek, the clouds moved in on us and we all began to feel pretty cold.  At this point Holger reached in on the ice chest for a water and yelled out to everyone, "Hey!  Does anyone want an ice cold bottle of water?" :-)  Right at the end of the trek, as we saw our river departure point bridge and the rain started.  The rain was actually warm compared to the river but the negative part was having to wait in the rain for our shuttle to pick us up.  All in all, we had a great trip and every trip needs a small inconvenience to make it more memorable.

August 15th

  Night before at Horse Shoe Bay
1 Eating Dinner 1. From left to right: Derek Montz, Leila Osobeze, Jim Montz, Oseas & Benji Romero and Megan Montz
2 Eating Dinner 2. From left to right: Oseas, Benji, Keith, Megan, Jim and Leila
3 Keith and Jim relaxing on the first level back porch.
4 Eating breakfast on the first level back porch
5 Jim Montz cleaning up a little after breakfast.
6 Walking in the side yard, a photo of the dog Patches looking out.
7 View of lake from the front of the house.  As some of you know, this is their fifth house in Horse Shoe Bay.  Jim and Ann Montz sold the house off of the water last year for a view higher up in the hills.
8 All of us about to leave.  (We had two cars.)
9 Ann and Jim Montz watching as we drove off.

August 16th
Excuse the quality / resolution.  I took the photos with disposable water proof camera.

1 Megan, Oseas, Benji, Leila and Derek eating lunch at Casa Del Lago in Canyon Lake City near the tubing area.
2 Group Picture.  From left to right: Masha, Alla & Tommy Trest; Megan Montz, Derek Montz, Anna Piprek, Benji & Oseas Romero, Lina Piprek, Leila Osobeze and Holger Piprek
3 Anna Piprek on the tube left with Lina and Holger Piprek in the distance.  This is the departure bridge which everyone walks down to the bank.  The water is ankle to knee deep.
4 Benji, Oseas, Leila and Derek at the departure area.  Lina and Holger Piprek along with Megan in the background.
5 Megan, Derek, Leila, Oseas and Benji just the past the bridge at the departure area.  The departure area is crowded buts spreads out later.
6 Oseas  with Tommy, Alla and Masha Trest near the departure area.
7 Derek and Megan near the departure area.
8 Masha, Allah and Tommy floating around one of the bends in the river.
9 Keith watching the National Parks police coming down into the water to look for prohibited bear / alcohol in coolers.  Aana watching on the right.  We weren't stopped as we must have "not met the profile."  No we didn't have anything but water and granola bars.
10 Derek standing after one of the splits in the river.  Leila and Megan in the distance with someone else on the right saluting me with their beers. 
11 Megan about to go down one of the rapids.
12 The whole group floating lazily down the river.
13 Masha, Alla and Tommy Trest floating.  Allah had a very nice inflatable raft which gave her plenty of leg room to stretch out.
14 Lina enjoying the ride.
15 A group shot with Leila, Derek and Megan looking back.
16 A nice photo of the beautiful scenery along the ride down.