Hill Country Texas Spring Break March 2017
Austin, Horseshoe Bay, San Marcos

A quick and fun 3 day trip to the Hill Country for Abby, Julie and Keith.  We also visited my cousins who live in Horseshoe Bay.

Friday, March 17, 2017 - Austin and Horseshoe Bay

1 Julie on South Congress
2 Abby, Julie and Keith getting some lunch
3 Abby and Julie outside of Capital Building
4 Inside the Capital Building looking up
5 Grabbing a coffee at the Blue Cat Cafe.  Outside photo
6 Eating Dinner in Horseshoe Bay at On The Rocks Restaurant with Vivian, Butch and Jason

Saturday, March 18, 2017 - Horseshoe Bay

1 Abby and Julie at Marble Falls Main Street Market
2 Julie and Keith at the Market
3 Julie and Keith on the side of the Market
4 On Dam access road in Horseshoe Bay.  Blue Bonnet group photo
5 Another photo in the Blue Bonnets, closer up to the three of us.
6 Close up of Keith and Julie

Sunday, March 19, 2017 - San Marcos

1 Abby and Julie walking at the Meadows Center before we went on the glass bottom boat ride
2 Photo of the spring at the Meadows Center
3 Looking through the glass bottom boat at a turtle emerging from the bottom
4 One of the many areas showing the fresh water coming up from the Spring bottom
5 Julie walking into the museum after the boat ride