Horseshoe Bay Weekend Getaway
September 21-22, 2002

This was one of the last weekends before it would be to cold to go swimming up a Horse Shoe Bay.  Also, Dan would be moving into his new house the next weekend.  Johnna and I are wondering what hill happen first, his San Francisco girl friend comes to visit or his Los Angeles girl friend tries to move in with him.

This trip was a lot of fun to me as it was the first time I brought up my mountain bike to ride through the extensive, high hills around Horse Shoe Bay.  We had a lot of fun going up and down the hills as we first went to the Light House Drive and up to the Airport and back.  Many hills, we actually had to get off and walk up as the incline was too high and long.  Coming down some of the hills let us get up to some high speeds.

The kids had a great trip as they always do, as they got to have fun swimming and see their grandparents.  We got a lot of pictures of some areas which we have not got photos before.

Trey Lambart and Montez: Megan, Taylor, Keith & Derek
Trey & Taylor throwing football
Playing with toys after return from Walmart
Dan Lee and Jim Montz working on Keith's bike in preparation of bike ride through the hills.  
Dan Lee & Keith Montz about to take off for bike tour
Megan about to get into pool
Derek, Trey & Taylor in center of pool
2nd shot, different angle
Megan & Derek in deep end with shooting jet of air.
Trey, Derek & Megan with Taylor after jump into center of air jet.
Jim Montz watching all the fun.
Kids swimming at man made beach at the club house.

Keith relaxing in the huge hot tub.

Shot of Carp which swim by one of the docks at the club waiting on daily feeding from visitors and the kitchen staff.
Kids making sand castles at the beach.
Ann Montz and grand daughter Megan sitting on bench in front of the house.
Jim and Dan talking in front of the house.
Family of ducks which Ann has training to come by for breakfast and dinner every day.  Megan in fore front.
Dinner before we head back home.