Horseshoe Bay, TX
Home of Jim D. and Ann G. Montz

Jim and Ann Montz made Horseshoe Bay their primary residence in 1995 after owning a town home first and then purchasing a residence off of The CapeAnn is my second mother after my first mother died of cancer; who we have grown to love her deeply also.  After a few years they purchased the empty lot next door and built a beautiful, 4600 sq. foot home which could be featured in Architectural Digest.

The Horseshoe Bay Resort community is built on the Colorado River between the dams Inks and Wirtz where the water level is kept at a constant height to supply the Ferguson Power Plant with water.  Homes along the 27 miles of water have boat garages built right in.  The name Horseshoe came from the peninsula of land bisecting part of the river to form an intake and outtake of water supplying the dam.  At the end of the peninsula is a beautiful light house which chimes on the hour and sends a light beacon at night.  Jim and Ann Montz's house looks directly at the light house along with the Wirtz dam in the distance.

The Horseshoe Bay Resort community also has several golf courses, club houses, tennis courts, hotels and more.  The club houses have man made beaches, black bottom swimming pools and fine dining.  The above link is the club house located within walking distance to Jim and Ann's home.

Over the years, my family has taken many a vacation there with or without my parents being there.  As my parents travel many weeks during the year, their house has been open for us to go and enjoy a weekend or week.  Additionally, Dad and Ann have taken our children two or three times a year for a week to enjoy Horseshoe Bay.  During the summers, our children have enjoyed summer camps, tennis camps, and swimming there.

Jim Montz acting up for Ann showing the good life on the back porch of 2nd house at Horseshoe bay.  (No he doesn't smoke.)
Front of House  (Keith Montz in front on start of vacation w/ the Faulhabers.)
Back of house showing both porches and winding stair case
View of back of house and dock from boat.   (On the left and right are townhomes.  The one on the rights was the previous home before building the one in the center.  The one on the right was also shown in the River Cities Tribune photo.  The empty lot on the left is where my parents built the new home.)
View of back of house and dock from boat at night time
Side view deck w/ boat dock
Light house view from upstairs
Sunrise view of Light House
Jet Ski on dock.
Jim Montz and grandsons: Derek and Taylor tubing.  (Will you be able to do this when you are 72 years old!
Jim and Ann enjoying the afternoon off of the top back porch.
Derek, Johnna and Megan riding the elevator in the house.
Great view of the south end of Horseshoe Bay with light house at tip of the horse shoe.
Taylor and Megan on one of the many road, water crossing.  Vehicles cross over 2 inches of running water.
One of the many deer scenes present everywhere
Inside view of upstairs' living room.  June 2002
Inside view of upstairs' Dining Area.  June 2002
Inside view of upstairs' card playing area.  June 2002
18 Hole, real grass, putting course: Shot 1, 2 & 3
Damn & River information:
The role of the highland lakes
River and damn graphical chart
Shot of dusk with stars from back upstairs porch. 2004
Images of Horse Shoe Bay, March 2006
New House, May 2006 May 2006
Weekend April 2011