Horse Shoe Bay July 2001

Keith and Taylor on Wave Runner.  Johnna, Derek, Sam (friend) and Megan on paddle boat
Keith and Derek on Wave Runner
Keith and Megan on Wave Runner
Johnna, Taylor and Sam
Keith, Derek, Taylor and Megan on paddle boat.
Derek, Taylor and Megan swimming
Derek, Johnna and Megan riding the elevator in the house.
Visiting a neighbor's Dr Bruce & Marilyn Parker who has a pet Bob Cat, Seymour
Shot 2 of Seymour, giving better view of size.  Marilyn and Ann.
         (*** update from paper in Oct 24, 2001 ***)
Taylor and Megan posing on one of the 45 degree hill drives in Horse Shoe Bay.  The photo doesn't show the angle well.
Great view of the south end Horse Shoe Bay with light house at tip of the horse shoe.
Friends Cynthia & Doug Peoples who have a house with airplane hanger built along side house.  The kids have got to sit in their vintage WWII Japanese torpedo war plane
Taylor and Megan on one of the many road water crossings.  Vehicles cross over 2 inch water flows.
Taylor and Megan on another road and water crossing
Johnna, Derek and Taylor planning cards on the Game Table.
Johnna and Ann posing in their bikini T-Shirts
Derek, Taylor and Megan playing in the hammock.
Derek, Taylor and Megan.