James Coney Island Hot Dogs
Wednesday Nights
"Kids eat free" - "and more"

Since about 1993, when we moved to Stafford, TX, which is on the southwest corner of Houston, we have been going to James Coney Island on Wednesday nights.  Over the last year, 2002, a bunch of other families have joined us.  Primarily it has been the dads bringing the kids, giving the moms the night off.  It has become a great social event to break up the week.

Update: In 2004, we finally started going to other restaurants to give some variety.

The adults.  Duff Dean, Dan Lee, Keith Montz, Ben & Gloria, Tommy Trest & Dave Dyer Aug 2002
The kids: Derek Montz, Nathan Trest, (adult) Dan Lee, Taylor Montz, Megan Montz, Trey Lambart, Nick Trest Aug 2002
Nathan, Nick and Tommy Trest at Jason's Deli. Sep 2004
Karla Dyer, Dave Dyer, Tommy Trest, Keith Montz and Alicia Dyer at Jason's Deli. Sep 2004
Pandera Bread Restaraunt.  Dave Dyer, Tommy Trest, Megan Montz, Keith Montz, Dan Lee & Karla Dyer March 2006