Johnna Lyn Montz

Birth Certificate 1961
One year old 1962
5 Years old 1966
Christmas 1966.   Johnna and Renee in Cheyenne, Wy. Dec 1966
7 Years old in Fayetteville, North Carolina 1968
6th Grade Photo 1973
8th Grade Photo 1975
16 Years old, XMas. Wearing Golden Brigade, Alief HHS Drill Team workout clothes 1977
Prom picture from Renee's Prom year.  Johnna graduated in '79 1978
Johnna in front of her Mustang 1976
23 years old 1983
Waiting at a Racquetball Tournament in San Antonio.  Johnna had a whole room full of trophies from Racquetball competitions.  When we got married it was hard to find room for them all.   1986
At Work at A.P.K. 1986
At her apartment with her two cats 1986
Cute shot 1986
On a business trip in San Antonio 1986
Sailing in the Gulf of Mexico with Renee' Moore and friends 1986
Scary witch 1986
Scary witch shot 2 (with hat on) 1986
In Austin climbing a tree 1984
Glamour Shot 1987
Holding nephew Chris Gonzales at Renee and Michael's wedding party 1987
With friend Mattia Maldonado on trip to Little Rock, Arkansas 1988
Pregnant with Derek at our first house 5510 Creekbend 1989
Holding Derek 1989
7 months pregnant with Taylor.   1991
Holding Taylor with Derek beside 1991
Holding Megan after her birth 1993
At Megan's Baptism 17-Jan-1993
Baby shower for Megan at 2nd house: 4513 Waycross 1993
Holding Taylor at party with Arliene Montz holding Megan Montz 1993
Holding Taylor with Keith holding Derek 1993
With Derek at Christmas.  Jim & Ann Montz's 1993
Halloween at our 3rd house 206 Aberdeen 1995
At a friend's house 1996
Learning how to roller blade on our cul-de-sac 1996
Time to go to bed on XMas with Taylor & Megan. 25-Dec-97
At a get together 1998
Christmas shot 1999
Dropping off donated 13 person Thanksgiving Dinner at a church 2000
Cute close up 2001
2001 Top producer for Heritage Texas Properties Year 2001
Sitting on a Harley Davidson at Taylor School May 2003
With Jim Montz at Ovations Sep 04
Derek & Johnna outside of Derek's driving School, Sep 05 Sep 05
Keith, Johnna & Mike Latterner at Texas Land & Cattle Restaurant.  Visiting with Michael during his two leave from IRAQ while working for KVR. 24-Sep-09
Montz group at the ruins on Caribbean Cruise at Progresso Aug 2010