Driving Armored Personnel Vehicle in 1997

One of my best friends, Dave Dyer, gets some pretty amazing opportunities to go and do things.  When the opportunities are in town, he will invite me.  One of Dave's friends is in a business of buying and selling military vehicles to collectors.  One day Dave and I got to go and drive an UK armored personnel vehicle.  The vehicle weighs 4 tons and is about the size of a volkswagen.  Shifting gears was the exact opposite of a normal standard.  

Dave almost got us a VIP trip from Ellington Air force base to Pensicola, Florida on a squadron of jets.  Dave thinks we will still get his opportunity.  I hope so.

Stepping into vehicle.

Driving down the road.  The vehicle is street approved and can go up to 60 MPH.

Pulling up after "tooling" around the neighborhood.   You should have seen people staring!