Las Vegas, July 28 - 31, 2011
Dad and Sons weekend
MGM Grand Hotel and Resort

David Montz organized the trip as a Father and Sons weekend a few months ago.  David is a regular to the MGM Hotel so he got Dad and his room comp'd.  Joining us for two days were also Doniel and Mario, two best friends of David.  We ate at some of the City's finest restaurants like Smith & Wollensky for lunch and diner, running up some very large bills, where we enjoyed our entrees, two orders of Alaskan King Crab, multiple bottles of wine and absolutely perfect Chocolate and Carrot Cake.  Dad is 84 years old and you would not know it as we all went around town.

(Pictures taken were from an IPhone so they are not of the best quality.)

1 Dad in the Limousine ride from the airport to the Hotel.
2 View from our rooms on the 9th floor of the strip and airport.
3 David, Dad and Keith in the Hotel Lobby.
4 Dad, David, Doniel and Mario in the Hotel Lobby.
5 Dad and Keith in the Tropicana Hotel parking lot with MGM Grand in the background.
6 David, Dad, Mario and Doniel in the same location.
7 The Lion habitat inside the MGM Grand, with two of the Lions curled up sleeping with one of the trainers scratching their stomachs.