Las Vegas, Hover Dam & Grand Canyon
September 2006

On September 11, 2006, Johnna and I went to Las Vegas, NV for a business trip and vacation.  We stayed at the Venetian which at this time is a four and half star hotel.  During the day, I attended conference workshops / lectures which left open lunch and evenings for entertainment.  We went to three shows: Phantom of the Opera, Blue Man Group and Cigque Du Soleil 'O'.   The first two shows, we had seats on the first row but unfortunately could not get good seats for 'O'.  At the end of conference, we drove to Hover Dam and then to the Grand Canyon. 

The days were a little hot in Las Vegas while the evening were pleasant to walk down the Las Vegas Strip.  Towards the end of the week, a very strong wind system moved into Nevada and Arizona with gusts of 15 to 50 mph.  When we drove to Hover Dam and the Grand Canyon, the wind made driving difficult at times.  The temperature changed on us as we got near the Grand Canyon as it dropped from around 78 degrees Fahrenheit down to 59 which had us changing from shorts to pants and long sleeve shirts.

  The Venetian Hotel & Sites from Las Vegas
1 View from out hotel room on the 25th floor
2 Johnna standing in front of the hotel
3 Keith standing in front of the hotel.  Note the smoke affect.  : )
4 Keith in front of the Volcano at the Mirage Hotel.
5 Outside the Phantom theater.
6 Johnna standing in front of one of the Phantom bill boards.
7 Keith standing in front of one of the Blue Man Group bill boards.
8 Johnna inside the Wynn's Hotel atrium.
9 Walking in the indoor courtyard of the Venetian Hotel's shops and restaraunts.  Note the sky painted on the roof.
10 Another shot inside the Venetian's Hotel's indoor shopping and dining.  The ceiling sky was beautiful!
11 The best shot showing the beautiful indoors of the Venetian Hotel's shopping and dining area.
12 Johnna sitting in front of a living person posing as a statue.  He stood very still for hours and accepted tips.
13 Picture from the booming housing market in Las Vegas.  A good friend of our Dan Lee moved to Las Vegas and he showed us around one evening as well as having lunch and dinner on a few other days.  I included this photo because of the style of homes and views of mountains.
14 Eating Dinner one evening with Adil and his wife Sarah Ahmed and Dan Lee.


  Hover Dam and Grand Canyon
1 Johnna standing on the walkway from the inside view of the Dam.
2 View of the immense inside view of the Dam.
3 Keith and Johnna walking on the outer wall / top of Dam.
4 Photo of water level, which was very low against the Dam.
5 Photo of the information bill board at Canyon View, which is where we started our viewing of the Grand Canyon.
6 Johnna at the Canyon View.
7 150 Mile view of the far distant cliffs.  Yes a 150 miles.  On a clear day there is a 250 mile view.
8 Keith and Johnna at one of the scenic view.
9 Johnna along the canyon at the entrance to Bright Angel Trail.
10 A warning at the entrance of the Bright Angel Trail.
11 The view down from top of Bright Angel Trail.  To get to the edge which you see in the photo is around a 9 hour trek.
12 Keith at one of the views on the South Rim.
13 Keith at one of the views along the East Rim.
14 Johnna at one of the East Rim views.
15 Keith at the same spot as #14, but to the right of where Johnna stood.
16 A. This is a special photo as it is the exact same place where we have photos from two previous years dating back four years.  It is at start of the Grand Canyon, outside of the park and in Navajo Reservation land.   B.  Link to Nov 2002 photo - sorry it blurry.  C.  Original from 2002