Western Caribbean 5 day Cruise
Progresso and Cozumel, Mexico
March 1st through 6th, 2014

On Friday, February 28, 2014, we stayed at my brother's Emerald Condo in Galveston with Brad and Heidi xxxxx for a nice evening enjoying Mardi Graz going on in "The Strand".  The next morning they gave us a ride to the docks to board the Carnival Triumph for a nice relaxing 5 day cruise.

1 Keith and Lauren on the ship at the Dock before leaving.
2 Keith at Mayan ruins in Progresso.
3 Lauren being sung to at resort beach dinner in Progresso.
4 Lauren on the beach at the resort in Progresso.
5 We made two friends: xxx and yyy on the ship who were our evening dinner table partners. 
6 Lauren and Keith eating dinner.
7 Lauren and Keith on dock at Cozumel.
8 Lauren next to our Jeep we rented for the day to tour Cozumel.
9 Our first stop.  Lauren and Keith at Mr. Sancho's All Inclusive Beach Lounge
10 Lauren near the water.
11 Lauren standing on lava rock with beautiful whirl pools being formed underneath.
12 Keith and Lauren at Coconuts Bar and Grill
13 Keith and Lauren at entrance steps going up to Coconuts Bar and Grill.  The highest place on Cozumel.
14 Lauren dancing the Macarena at bar at the docks before returning to the ship.
15 Lauren and Keith at dinner.