Matamoras Mexico
August 2002

The weekend before the schools started for the year 2002-2003, we decided to take a quick road trip down to Matamoras for some fun.  Mom had one of her yearly, mandatory real-estate classes from Friday through Sunday, so I took the kids along with good friends, Dan Lee, Dave and Karla Dyer.

On the bridge at the mid point dividing USA and Mexico.  The sun was right in our eyes
Having late breakfast.
In the market place.  Keith, Derek, Megan, Taylor and Dave Dyer
Dan Lee after buying a hat and poncho
Eating Lunch at Los Nortenos, famous for their baby goat.
In the market place after lunch
In the town center square.   Keith, Derek, Taylor and Megan
In the town center square.  Dan Lee & Karla Dyer
In the town center square by the Presidential Municipal Building   Keith, Derek, Taylor & Megan
In the town center next to stage   Keith, Derek, Taylor and Megan
Megan posing with Dan Lee's souvenir hat
Dan underneath the sign of some very distant relative's fining dining establishment
Dave cracking Derek's souvenir 10' whip.
Dan Lee with whip  Taylor looks nervous.
Derek trying out the whip.  It is too big!