Megan Lyn Montz
Daughter of Keith and Johnna Montz

Right before birth (Johnna, Keith and Gene sitting) 11/4/1992
Megan and Ti' taking snap.  (We were shocked!!!) 12/25/92
Cute shot 12/30/92
Cute Shot 2 (Look at that hair.  It never would stay down) 1/29/93
Mom and Megan 6/20/95
Megan  - 3 mths old (Held by mom and Derek at tow) 2/93
With mom at Baptism 17-Jan-1993
All dressed up 1993
Climbing in cabinet 10/24/93
2 years old.  Eating some yogurt. 1994
Dad and Megan at swim party 1994
At party with brother driving car 1994
Mom and Megan 6/20/95
Mom and Megan at party 1995
4 Years old 15-Apr-1995
Graduates from Pre-Kindergarten 1995
Megan and pets (Jake and Nicki) taking a nap 1996
Megan and Jobe riding in our cul-de-sac 6/5/96
Cute shot 2 1996
At Surfside Beach, Texas 1-Jun-96
Megan and classmates in ballerina show June 1997
With Jobee and cat make up 1998
Megan 6 yrs old birthday (Mom and Rachel) 11/98
Megan 8 years old birthday with friends 11/00
Megan April 2001 April 2001
9th Year Birthday Party at Skate Central Nov 2001
At Go Cart Track.  Courtesy of Dan Lee June 2002
On Mexico / USA Border @ Matamoras August 2002
At dad's 42 Birthday Party Sep 2002
10th Birthday Party at Celebration Station Nov 2002
In Vail, Colorado Nov 2002
2003 Class Photo 2003
Megan and Jinx 2003
Megan and Jobe, Halloween 2004
Megan Halloween 2004
Kick Start Tournament at Nimitz High School Jan 05
Kick Start.  Megan with Emily Davis Jan 05
Kick Start.  Megan with friends after getting purple belt Mar 05
8th Grade Band performing at High School Football Game Oct 05
Megan and Jobee Lee at Mall Nov 05
Megan Birthday Party at our house Nov 05
Megan and Jobbe at the Galleria Dec 05
Band Concert.  Megan; Megan with Lindsay Alf Jan 06
Washington, DC Trip Apr 07
8th Grade Graduation May 07
Guadalupe Tubing Trip off of Canyon Lake August 08
In the parking lot at Playa Palancar in Cozumel March 09
Megan, Derek, Taylor, Angel and Benji in the shallows on Cruise Aug 2010
Megan and Lilly Trosclair on August Caribbean Cruise Aug 2011