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(Parents of Johnna Montz):  John B. "Bud" Latterner  July 31, 1931 to March 6, 2010 
Jean Marie Parker Latterner  August 5, 1938 - January 26, 2003


Tropical Storm Allison June 2001
Bud and Jean Latterner's Birthday Party at Taste Of Texas 4-Aug-2001
Wednesday night friend's get together. 1993-present
The Training Week - Beer House July 2002
Dave Dyer's 53rd Birthday Aug 25, 2002
Bowling with Bud Latterner Jan 2004
Battleship Texas March 2004
Sunday holiday at Freeport, Tx Aug 2004
Evening at Ovations in Houston Aug 2004
Johnna, Mia Pham and Dan Lee in our kitchen with dogs sleeping in the background.  The cages are for drying their wet paws after coming in from outside Nov 2004
Solar & Alternative Power House tours Oct 2005
Images of Horse Shoe Bay March 2006
Having lunch with David Montz and his assistant Beth Nemeth:  Pic 1, Pic 2 March 2006
Eating at Nick's Restaurant.  Derek, Megan, Bud, Carmen, Johnna, Keith and Taylor March 2007
Houston Rodeo March 9, 2013