Mount Crested Butte, Colorado
July 2004

This was a wonderful vacation as we got to see beautiful Mountains in the month of July, 2004.  My parents, Jim and Ann Montz, had rented a 2 bedroom condo for the entire month and we came up for the last week.  The trip took a day and a half to get there and we stayed there for three days. 

There are two towns: Crested Butte and Mount Crested Butte.  Mount Crested Butte is the Wild Flower Capital of Colorado.  The beautiful town and country side is adorned by not only the majestic mountains but the flowers which bloom across the landscapes.  During this time of year, there are hundreds of tourists who come to Mount Crested Butte to ride mountain bikes in the city, up and down the mountains and also to hike across the mountains to other cities such as Aspen .  During the day the temperature was around 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and at night it was around 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Johnna at the last moment had to stay to take care of 3 listings with two pending listing opportunities along with two existing buyers and two more arriving buyers.  We took Lindsay Alf, a good friend of Megan's along. 

Lastly, Pictures never seem to do justice to places like this.  The size and depth are lost in the photos.

Along the way:
Shot of "The Cross" at Groom Texas
Postcard shot of the "The Cross"
The Big Texan Restaurant   If you can eat a 72 ounce steak in an hour then it is free.
Megan in the Big Rocking Chair
Derek, Keith and Taylor sitting in the big chair
In Raton New New Mexaco:   (The sky was full of beautiful clouds touching the low lying mountains  that we drove through.)
View of city where we stayed
View of the family with low lying clouds across the highway
Shot of clouds touching the mountains along the highway
Traveling up to Mount Crested Butte along side Arksansas River.  We saw many, many white water rafts going down the beautiful river.
Shot of the family at a recreation site.  We ended up picking up a rafter who was injured after trying to navigate the river using a kijak, instead of a rubber raft.
Shot of the rafts that floated down the river.
Tomichi Creek Trading Post, Sargents, Colorado
Eating a late lunch at the Trading Post.
At the Condo.
Ann Montz waving to us as we drove up.
Taylor and Derek with Pappa Jim coming down stairway
Having dinner
Derek, Taylor, Lindsay and Megan enjoying the Hot Tub
View of Mount Crested Butte from the Condo
View of Mount Crested Butte town.  There are is another town called Crested Butte which is where all of the shops, grocery store, etc. are.  Also, you can see Mount Emmons ~ Red Lady in the background.
View to the north of the Condo.  Notice the fox! 
Meridian Lake.
We parked at Meridian Lake to walk up to Long Lake.  We were greeted by a local Black Lab who "insisted" that we play fetch.  We threw a big stick into the lake several times for the Lab to bring to us. 
All of at Prestine Point
View of Meridian Lake dam
Jim Montz with kids waiting for Derek to run back across the dam.  Derek went to check to see if we locked the car.  The view to the right is the path we would take up to Long Lake.
Coming up the half mile path to Long Lake.  Beautiful Asp Trees lined the path.
Looking up the half mile path.
At the top of the long path.  We were greeted by a hiker with her Alaskan Malamute.  The hiker said her dog was having a lot of fun swimming in the lake.
Jim Montz with Lindsay, Derek, Megan & Taylor with Long Lake in background.
The opposite view of Long Lake.
Derek next to Long Lake.
Megan and Lindsay holding up 16 different types of flowers we picked on the way back down from Long Lake.
Mount Crested Butte Ski / Bike Lift
About to take the ride up to the top.
Megan and Pappa Jim with the town of Crested Butte in the background.
View of the top of Mount Crested Butte from the ski/bike lift.  The picture does not really give the huge perspective of the height and size.  We were still probably a quarter of a mile from the top.
Derek and Taylor from the drop off point of the top ski lift.  View of Crested Butte town in the background.
Lindsay, Keith, Derek and Taylor from another angle with the town of Mount Crested Butte in the background.  Megan and Pappa Jim waited back at the ski lift drop off.
Walking in the town of Crested Butte.
Lindsay, Megan, Derek and Taylor.  Notice the beautiful hanging flower baskets.  Baskets like this were all over town and hanging from home also.
Sitting on a seat made up entirely of the chrome body parts of a car.
Another shot with the town in the background.  Mount Emmons in the background
Town of Gothic.  Judd Falls
We took a long hike up from the town of Gothic to Judd Falls on the last day.  The trail was beautiful and rocky but passable by horses and bikes.  From this trail, hikers could take a two day long hike up to Aspen, Colorado.
At the Start of the hiking trail with Mount Gothic in the background.
Derek, Megan, Lindsay and Taylor at Judd Falls
A view of the falls below.
A view of the falls and Mount Whiterock in the background
Pappa Jim, Megan and Taylor sitting with Derek standing at the Judd Falls observation point.
A picture of the concrete seat at Judd Falls with Mount Whiterock in the background.