Orlando, Florida
Vacation & Conference
April 10 thru April 14, 2010

Saturday we flew out to Orlando to stay for five days and four nights at the Gaylord Palms hotel for a Exact Software conference starting on Monday.  Along with Johnna and I was my coworker Matt Stone and his wife Liz.

The Hotel was possibly one of the most beautiful hotels I have stayed which surpassed many of the Las Vegas casino hotels that we have stayed at.  The interior was like a beautiful rainforest with running streams, water falls and a salt water lagoon with Mani rays and other salt water fish.

On Saturday we went to Downtown Disney to enjoy the shops and dining.  On Sunday we spent the day at Universal Studios where we rode all of the rides and saw the attractions.  Monday through Wednesday we spent the days attending many workshops and demonstrations while enjoying the hotel amenities, miniature golf and scenery.  At night we drove around Orlando along with returning to Downtown Disney for a nice dinner at Fulton's Crab House

  Saturday, April 10th - Downtown Disney
1 Liz and Matt outside one of the entrances to Downtown Disney
2 House Of Blues
3 Keith in front of the Lego store and Transformer made entirely of Lego
4 T-Rex Restaurant
5 T-Rex at the T-Rex Restaurant and Store
6 Johnna and Matt talking on one of the bridges in Downtown Disney
  Sunday, April 11th - Universal Studios
1 The park entrance
2 Keith in the entrance's shopping zone of the park
3 The Universal Studio's Globe with the lake in front looking on to the other Park
4 Liz, Matt and Johnna looking at the park map
5 Johnna and Keith walking in from Krusty Land
6 Johnna, Liz and Matt in front of Tribute building near the Revenge of the Mummy rollercoaster.
7 The Mummy rollercoaster.  Johnna in pink shirt in the back right.
8 Keith in front of the Men In Black ride.
9 Johnna and Matt with back turned to the camera, about to board the Shark Boat ride.
10 Outside the Upside down Wonderworks building.  We ate dinner next door at Maggiano's.
11 Another view of the Wonderworks building.  Johnna standing on the side.
  Monday, April 12th - Conference starts.  View of the interior of the Gaylord Palms
1 Keith and Johnna near the main entrance on "Key West Way" walk way.
2 Matt and Liz on the same walkway towards the other direction.
3 The Emerald Plaza.  This is on the other side of the interior opposite of #1 & #2.
4 View of Gande Ave which walks by the beautiful "Gator Springs" pond which had alligators and turtles.
5 Gator Springs
6 Outside the enclosed interior walking towards Convention Building.  View of Family Pool.  Adult pool was on the other side.
7 The Adult Pool
8 Key West salt water lagoon with Sunset Sam's Bar boat.  The lagoon was filled with many salt water fish including stingrays.
9 Renee, Kenneth, Marc Krueger, Shawn, Matt, Ken and Keith at Fulton's in Downtown Disney.
  Tuesday, April 13th - 2nd day of Conference.
1 Keith next to "Glassell's Landing" which has beautiful Coy fish and a nice place to sit and relax.
2 The Coy fish at Glassell's Landing.
3 Johnna putting on hole #1 of the 9 hole putting golf course at Hotel
4 Liz holding the flag on hole #1.
5 Keith by hole #3
6 Johnna by hole #3
7 Matt on hole 5
  Wednesday, April 14 - Last day of Conference.
1 We ate lunch in the Emerald Plaza area of the Hotel, warming up left overs from Maggiano's.  We are not in the photo, but sat to the left of the tables shown in the picture where we were able to buy drinks along with warming up our food at the Java Coast sandwich / bakery shop on the left.