Panama City Beach
June 5th - 8th, 2007

This was just a nice little family trip to enjoy some beaches in Panama City Beach City, Florida.  We made the drive on the day before and day after in about 12 hours from Houston.  We stayed at Marriott's Bay Point Condominiums.  On the first day, we explored St Andrew's State Park and enjoyed the beach.  I played golf later in the afternoon at Jack Nicholas signature golf course.  The second day we enjoyed swimming off one of the peninsulas which was part of the Bay Point complex.

# St. Andrews State Recreation Area
  Bay Point
1 View of the long deck running out to an island and restaurant.
2 2nd view along the deck
3 3rd view after the restaurant.
4 Taylor and Trey Lambert sitting on one of the beach chairs.
5 View of the water looking out an island in the cause way.
6 Picture of the hermit crabs which were everywhere.  Yes, we put them back.
7 Johnna and Megan collecting hermit crabs and walking on the beach
8 Keith and Johnna
9 Johnna, Megan, Trey and Taylor rinsing off after the swim.