Baby Raccoons

At 11:00pm on a Sunday night, Johnna and I were making a quick trip to Jack In the Box, when we saw two baby raccoons crossing the street near our house.   They were very small about six to 8 inches long and walked very, very slow even with our car approaching.  We stopped and I got out of the car to see if I could get them off the road.  One turned and hissed at me while backing up slowly and the other looked back at me as he/she was walking.

Johnna and I started to feel worried for them, as no mother could be seen, so we went back and got a net and small cage to capture them.  With in 5 minutes we came back and found them again off the street and brought them back to our house.

Tonight, we are putting them in a bigger dog cage in our garage, temporarily, until the morning when we can find out what place or home we can take them to.  We also put some dog food and a bowl of water, which can't be thumped over, into the cage with them. 

Update 9-May-05

The raccoons were dropped off at Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition, TWRC, where they will be raised in an environment conducive to a later date release back into the wild.  If you are in the Houston area, TWRC's web site is:  We donated some money and will donate further moneys as they look like a great organization!

(Yes, we found out later that several web sites recommend not feeding them.  We made this judgment call based on past experience with raccoons and opossums coming into our garage to eat cat food, which I enjoyed seeing when I was able to see them doing it.  We've even had baby opossums come into the garage with the mother.  Our cat(s) always ignored them and looked at me, as if to say, "Its your problem, not mine.")

Shot of the two babies in our dog kennel
One on right
One on left