Road Trip June 2002

Flew out Friday night to San Jose to help my friend, Dan Lee, move back from San Francisco to Stafford, Texas.  We packed all of his belongings into a storage facility and drove off other personal items needed to stay at my wife's and my house until his house is built.  We managed to stop in a few places along the way back.

Dan's car.   The road trip car.  It's nice to travel in luxury and comfort.
In Las Vegas.  
Outside the Bellagio
Another view outside the Bellagio
Inside one of the atriums
Hoover Dam
Coming up to the Dam.  It was 110 degrees.  Notice the desolate landscape.
Shot 1 with lake behind Dam.  Notice the white film line which was left from an earlier flood of the 1990s.
Shot 2 with river side top.
Shot 3 of river side.
Grand Canyon National Park
We stopped at all the observation points.   My rule for picture taking is always have someone in the picture and in the case of Grand Canyon, it helps to give a perspective  on size, depth and distance.
At Entrance
At Observation Point, Shot 1
At another observation point
Another angle
Another great view
Nice view.   (I'm running out of adjectives)
Great view,
Outside the Park with nice shot of water in distance.
Another shot outside the park showing awesome canyons in the distance on the flat landscape.  Pictures don't do justice to any of the photos of this beautiful land.