San Francisco
March 2001

Over the years, Johnna and I  have taken many vacations but always with our kids.  This was our first extended vacation we took without them.  My good friend, Dan Lee, who lives in San Francisco made the trip not only possible but very affordable and most importantly a very fun vacation.   

Dan moved to San Francisco two years earlier and owns a town home in Redwood City, which is 20 minutes south of San Francisco.  Dan gave us two round trip tickets, using his frequent flyer miles, and we stayed at his house and used his second car (when ever Dan wasn't taken us site seeing).  For 3 full days, morning to almost midnight, Dan along with his girl friend, Stephanie, drove us around San Francisco, Napa Valley, Hi Way 1 (Big Sur), Pebble Beach on the 17 Mile Drive and many other great places.  We dined at the best and most famous restaurants.  For three other days, Johnna and I found our own way until Dan met us in the evening to resume site seeing.   Dan made the vacation better than what we might of tried to plan!

Night Time on the Warf and the city:
Johnna at the top of Lombard Street (the windy street seen in so many movies).  Coit Tower in the back ground which we saw also.
Johnna and Stephanie standing off of Lombard Street
Johnna and Keith at night off of the Warf.  About to eat at Scomas.
Our first dinner in San Francisco at Scomas.
Our first dinner (shot 2) with Dan and Stephanie.
Napa Valley:
Outside the Culinary Institute of America (CIA)
Eating at the CIA.  The best meal and service we have ever had!
In front of the main house at Beringer's Vineyard.
Waking in the Beringer's courtyard.
Wine tasting at Beringer's Vineyard.
17-Mile Drive, Pebble Beach and the Del Monte Forest:
Keith looking out on Drive Point 1: Shepherd's Knoll overlooking Monterey Bay and Gabilan mountains.
Keith and Johnna at Drive Point 1
The Lone Cypress (100 years old).  The trademark logo picture of the 17-Mile Drive.   Drive Point 16.
Another view of the Cypress w/ a great view of the ocean.  (From their brochure)
Keith and Johnna with the Cypress in background
Keith at one of the observation points
Johnna at Seal Rock Picnic Area  (See all the seals on the beach!)
Keith and Johnna at Bird Rock
Hi Way 1 drive along California Coast:
Big Sur View 1
View 2
Keith, Johnna and Dan right off the rocky coast
Another view right off the beach
Golden Gate Park and Bridge:
Keith and Johnna at Golden Gate Bridge observation point.  We saw someone surfing underneath the west point of the bridge!
Keith and Johnna outside Golden Gate Park Conservatory Of Flowers Building
Another view of side of the Conservatory of Flowers part of Golden Gate Park
Keith and Johnna in front of the pond at Elk Glenn
A beautiful, huge tree at the park.  Dan's Q45, that we drove, is in front of the tree.
The Cliff House & Seal Rocks:
Johnna and Keith overlooking the ocean at the Cliff House.
The town homes in front of the ocean at the Cliff House.  Notice the 3 wheeled car which a lot of locals use to get around.
Around the city:
Johnna at the Warf after riding Trolley Cars.  Alcatraz in the background
Keith standing on a street which runs at incredible angle.  It would take me a while to get use to parking here.
Dan's House:
Johnna standing in front of Dan's town home.
Keith about to run the 3 mile course on Bair Island which is next to Dan's home.
Miscellaneous (so we can remember):
Notable Dining: CIA, The Cliff House, Scomas, Crustacean, Buck's, Moose's and Ventura's
Road the Trolley Cars; saw the city from Coit Tower; walked in China Town; ate breakfast in Woodside, Ca; drove through the Presidio; drove over the bridges; and, went home every night happy and "dog" tired!
Got tour of Exodus.  70% of the world internet data goes through Exodus.
Saw the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz.  (I believe it is a hoax but it is beautiful country there.)