San Francisco, Napa Valley, Yosemite, ...
March 2002

This was our 2nd trip to San Francisco, where our great friend Dan Lee let us stay at his house and took some time off from work to take us around to all the places listed below.

San Francisco Places

Shot 1 at the park area by the Palace of Fine Arts
Shot 2 at the park area by the Palace of Fine Arts
Nice view with Coit Tower in background
Eating dinner at Palace BBQ Buffet a Korena BBQ  (You are the cook)
Alamo Park where the TV Series "Full House" marquee home is.
Corner of Haight & Ashbury St.  The Hippie center in San Francisco.
About to have lunch at the famous Fog City Diner  (no, they still don't take American Express after the Visa TV commercial from the mid 1990s.)
Lombard Street
Ghiradelli Square
Nice shot with bay and Alcatraz in background
Seeing the new baseball stadium
View of the hilly streets, a street car and Alcatraz Island in the distance

City of Sausalito

Walking in the city

Buena Vista Park, Golden Gate West, Lincoln Park

Buena Visa Park East:
Nice shot with Golden Gate Bridge in background.
Shot from the highest view
View of Buena Visa Park West
Golden Gate West (overlooking the bay and Golden Gate Bridge):
Keith & Johnna with Golden Gate bridge in background
Johnna and Dan with bay in background
Lincoln Park:
Looking out from Lincoln Park to the Golden Gate Bridge

Mount Diablo  (<- click)

About to go on to the observatory
Nice view on stairs of the observatory
Side view 1 south view from top
Side view 2 with river delta in background


Robert Mondavi Vineyard:
At the Robert Mondavi Winery Reserve tasting room
Courtyard view at the Robert Mondavi Winery
Sterling Vineyards:
Getting on cable car to ride up the mountain to the Sterling Vineyards
A view up the cable car route to the Sterling Vineyards
Shot 1 inside one of the fermentation rooms
Shot 2, another angle in one of the fermentation rooms
Wine tasting at the Sterling Vineyards
Shot of castle on the hill side as viewed from the Sterling Vineyards
A view going down on the cable car from the Sterling Vineyards
Valley of the Moon Winery:
Valley of the Moon Winery

Muir Woods    (<- click)

At entrance of Park
Walking down one of the trails
Nice shot of the size of the Red Wood trees

Yosemite Park    (<- click)

At "Big Flat" entrance
Snow covered ground near entrance
Near the ski area
First observation point to see the canyon:
Nice view of canyon
View the other direction
Johnna climbing down steep rock
Valley Portal:
Johnna with Bridalveil Fall in background  (this is what the entrance plaque is picturing)
Farther down the canyon:
View of water fall at "glacier point" far off in the distance
On some of the stops in the canyon:
Elephant Rock
At the foot of one of the many water falls
At Glacier Point:
Close up of the water fall at Glacier Point
At one of the stops near the Glacier Point
Beautiful view of the Glacier Point
Where we stopped and had picnic lunch with stream feeding off the water fall.
Near the exit for us at the Arch Rock Entrance
Walking along the hills
Last great view of the valley