San Francisco
September 2006

As always, San Francisco is a beautiful city to visit.  For a week, my company sent me to a training session and I took Johnna along so that we could enjoy the city at night.  We stayed off of the bay in the heart of the Financial District at a hotel which gave us a beautiful view of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island.   My class had only two people in it, where normally there is quite a lot more, which allowed us to speed through the course giving us Friday off.

Most of the days, the weather was a nice 62 degrees Fahrenheit dipping into the high 50s at night.  On the evening that we went to Ghirardelli Square, we saw swimmers fifty yards off shore going to and from the different small boat docks.  We never went to feel how cold the water was, but I bet the swimmers get acclimated to it and it is most likely invigorating.  Lastly, we have always found the people of San Francisco very nice and pleasant.

San Francisco site seeing / doings.

1 Johnna outside of the Harbor Court Hotel
2 View of bay, Bay Bridge and Treasure Island from our hotel room.  
3 Johnna near Ghirardelli Square with the bay in view
4 Johnna walking into Ghirardelli Square
5 Johnna sitting on a fountain in the Ghirardelli Square
6 Keith standing at Coit Tower with Alcatraz and bay in background.
7 Keith at the beginning of the famous part of Lombard street.
8 Johnna outside the famous Cliff House of the ocean.
9 Johnna and Keith eating at the Cliff House.
10 Johnna and Keith overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco in background.

Driving down to Pebble Beach, Ca to re-see the 17 Mile Drive.

1 Keith at Rockaway Beach before having some Breakfast
2 Keith at Seagull Lighthouse
3 Fog coming in from the ocean, around 10:30am right after Seagull Lighthouse
4 Picture of the beautiful beaches and oceans along the way.

17 Mile Drive (Del Monte Forest and Pebble Beach).

1 Johnna at Huckleberry Hill, the highest point inside the 17 Mile Drive.
2 The park area at Spanish Bay.  There were 8 feet and larger seaweed plant with a diameter of 3 inches or more washed up on parts of the beach.  The picture here shows huge round rocks that lined the shore.
3 Another view from Spanish Bay.
4 Johnna standing in front of the Restless Sea stop point.
5 Keith at another view from the Restless Sea stop point.
6 Close up on the waves breaking in different directions at the Restless Sea stop point.
7 Scenic picture from China Rock stop point.  Note the fog.
8 Scenic picture from Seal Rock Picnic Area.  The beach shown is where the Seals come in at the end of the day to rest for the night.  Note: the sea otter in the water.
9 Johnna at the Cypress Point Lookout.  The Cypress is between 250 to 300 years old.
10 Scenic picture from Pescardero Point.  Note: that is a sea otter in the water.
11 Another scenic picture from Pescardero Point.

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