Annual Ski Trip December 1-5, 2011
Keystone and Vail, Colorado
First of two trips

This trip we had three attendees: Tommy Trest, Jessie Patterson and myself.  Jessie drove up from Houston with two custom, home built ski bikes and a Sledgehammer Ski bike that I bought online.

Jessie brought up a very nice camcorder that is worn around your chest so that we could film us going down the mountain runs.  He also brought a GPS navigation system with speed odometer that was mounted on his ski bike handlebars.  On the film footage, he got up to 32 mph but Tommy, who had a hand held GPS, had me and him hitting top speed of 45.9 mph on the ski bikes.

Everywhere we went, skier and snowboarders stared and asked us questions about the ski bikes.  We could out perform anyone on the slopes by speed and maneuverability.  Unfortunately on the 2nd day, Jessie had a freak accident when simply falling over on his ski bike, going about 13 mph, where he apparently hit a submerged rock under the snow and cracked a bone between his elbow and shoulder on his right arm. 

Friday, December 2nd - Keystone

1 Keith on wood crossing over frozen pond from our condo going up to the ski lift. 
2 Tommy and Jessie after just getting off one of the lifts with all of our ski bikes in view.
3 Picture of mountains in the distance from the top of Keystone.  It was a little bit overcast for part of the day.
4 Keith on one of the lower slopes with town of Keystone in background.  Most of the runs we were on were snow seeded.
5 Eating dinner at Old Chicago, in the evening, at one of our favorite places to go in Silverthorne.

Saturday, December 3rd - Keystone

1 Jessie at the lift with our three ski bikes at the start of the day.
2 Jessie bundled up in a cocoon sled after his injury before being taken down to the onsite hospital.

Sunday, December 4th - Vail

Jessie's two sons, Miles and Jess drove up from Houston to help drive back Jessie's truck.  The arrived at our Condo around 6pm.

1 Keith in front of one of the ski lodges
2 Eat dinner again at Old Chicago in Silverthorne.  Keith, Tommy and Miles on left.  Jessie and Jess on right.

Monday, December 5th

1 View from airplane of beautiful sunset with clouds on our Southwest Airlines flight.