Utah Ski Trip
February 24th, 2013 through February 28th, 2013

This trip my brother David, Kyle Hobbs and myself flew up to Salt Lake City and then drove to Park City, Utah.  We stayed at Sundial Lodge off of the Canyons mountain but skied three days at Park City.

My two cousins Brandon Collins and Clark Barrineau are living in Park City, working at Montage Hotel.  Brandon skied and snowboarded with us every day.  Clark joined us one day on his snowboard.

In the evenings we ate at some very nice restaurants in Park City and also bar hopped, enjoying the old town charm.  On one day, Brandon and I skied down directly into Park City where David and Kyle picked us up where we then had dinner.  Park City has beautiful Christmas lighting which is used year round.

This was my second ski trip to Utah.  People say the snow is better in Utah as it is a dryer snow.  Of course this sounds preposterous but I do see / feel a difference.  I think there are more runs and higher mountain ski opportunities in Colorado but there are enough ski runs on the mountains that I have skied in Utah to make it a mute point.  The only other difference is flights are more expensive from Houston to Salt Lake but the lift tickets and lodging are cheaper so it evens out.  The major difference for me is the desire to ski bike where it is not allowed yet at many mountains in Utah.  I am assuming it will be a matter of time as snow boards went through the same acceptance process.

1 Sundial Lodge
2 Lobby Area with its warm welcome decor.
3 Keith in the courtyard behind the Lodge with the Canyon's lift in the background
4 Early in the morning of the beautiful sunrise on the courtyard.
5 Same morning and courtyard view but to the right of #4.
6 Keith at the top of the Park City Ski Resort Mountain
7 Kyle, David and Brandon on one of tops of Park City with beautiful view of mountains in background.
8 Wide angle view at the top near the Bonanza Gondola.  This particular run has the nickname of the Bowling Alley because it is usually crowed and narrow where people can easily be knocked over.
9 Kyle, David and Brandon at the top near Bonanza Gondola
10 Eating dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House one evening
11 Keith in the main drive in Historic Park City.
12 Looking down on street from No Name Saloon in historic Park City
13 Clark and Keith at circle entrance to Montage Hotel in Park City.  Clark was working.  This is where the Sundance Film Festival elite guest stay.  Very expensive Hotel with first class service.  We had dinner here one evening.
14 Keith coming down one of back slopes that drops skiers off directly into Park City.
15 Brandon at the same location as #7.
16 Keith on Silver Queen double blue run coming down.
17 Brandon carving on his snowboard.