Annual Ski Trip February 10-13, 2011
Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain and Boulder, Colorado

This year we had five attendees: Tommy Trest, Jessie Patterson, Kyle Honnoll, Myk Thornton and myself.  Tommy, Kyle and I flew up on Wednesday evening.  Jessie drove up from Houston with three custom, home built ski bikes and Myk drove from his home in Grand Junction, CO.

On the Wednesday evening that we flew up, we landed around 10:30 pm in Denver.  There we met up with Tommy's old employer and multi-millionaire entrepreneur, Bob Chado (84 years old) who we always join up with on the ski trips.  Bob stayed out very late and met us a Kettle Restaurant at 12:30 am where we had some breakfast and talked till around 1:30am.  The drive from Denver to Breckenridge took about 2 hours arriving a little before 3:30am.  The temperature was a minus 24 degrees (Fahrenheit) below zero according to our Car's dashboard thermometer.  It was not a time or a climate to have a car problem, so I drove very carefully.

The house we stayed at belongs to one of my Cousins and it was nicer than any of the previous annual trip's lodgings.  It had three bedrooms on a three level structure with large dens for extra sleeping arrangements.  There was a huge hot tub on the bottom floor's patio with a nice view of the slopes.  The house was conveniently located to ski in/out for the slopes at Breckenridge.

Thursday, February 10th

1 Bob, Kyle and Tommy at the Kettle Restaurant, 1am.
2 The house with the Jessie and Myk's truck in front.  Our Tahoe SUV was parked inside the garage.
3 View down the street from the house.
4 View of the main interior of the house with its three levels.
5 Tommy, Myk and Kyle getting geared up for skiing at Copper Mountain.
6 Keith, Tommy and Kyle before going up one of the gondolas.

Friday, February 11th

Myk met up with his sister Ana and skied Breckenridge.  Keystone was 8 degrees Fahrenheit above zero.  Myk joined us later that evening when we went night skiing at Keystone.  The slopes stay open to 8pm.  All of us wore red illuminated lights on the back of our ski goggles so that we could be seen from a far off.

1 Parked at Keystone, looking up at the first level of the Mountain.
2 Kyle, Jessie and Tommy assembling the ski bikes.
3 Jessie in the Gondola going up holding his brand new Ski Bike.
4 Keith in the same Gondola.
5 Kyle, Keith, Tommy and Jessie at the top of Keystone.
6 Tommy sitting and Jessie getting last minute instructions for his first time ski biking ... never even snow skied before.
7 View of the Lake Dillon and City of Dillon from the top of Keystone, where we were about to start skiing down.
8 Jessie (far left), Kyle (middle) and Tommy (right) coming down the mountain on the ski bikes.
9 Keith on one of the slopes about half way down.
10 Jessie relaxing next to Kyle.  After an hour of learning how to ride, Jessie was going probably 40 mph.  No one could keep up.
11 Myk, Keith and Kyle when night skiing at Keystone.

Saturday, February 12th

Unlike previous years, we decided not to take the normal third day of skiing.  I believe because of the lack of sleep from the Wednesday evening, the unusual cold on Thursday and skiing all day on Thursday, we were all exhausted.  We decided to cruise around and see things.  Myk left early in the morning to get back to being a coach for his sons baseball team.

1 Downtown Frisco.  We walked around checking out a few small shops and got some lunch.
2 Jessie, Keith, Kyle and Tommy on one of the sidewalks.

Sunday, February 13th

We got up early and left for the city of Boulder, Colorado.  From I-70, we took a very nice beautiful drive in canyons on Hwy 6 up to Boulder.  In Boulder we met up with Kyle's sister, Michelle along with Michelle's husband Richard and son.  Also joining us was Bob who drove up from Denver.  In the city of Boulder, we walked in the downtown area where on weekends there are street artists performing and a fun festive atmosphere.

1 Picture of a frozen over stream off of Hiway 6.
2 Keith standing in front of the stream.
3 Huge electric creating wind mills off of the Hwy 6.  The wind was incredible once we got out of the canyon, pushing the car as we drove.
4 Picture showing the other side of the Hwy 6 across from the windmills.  The picture does not show the vastness.
5 Keith at the "West End" of downtown Boulder next to the landmark boulder for which the town is named.
6 Kyle and Tommy showing the other view of the "West End"
7 Keith in front of the store that is seen on the "Mork and Mindy" TV show.  It now has a different name.
8 Keith sttanding in the meeting room of the "Odd Fellows" charity fraternity.  Only members with guests are allowed.  Richard is a member.
9 Michelle telling Bob about the meeting room.
10 Bob, Michelle, Kyle and Tommy talking in front of Gondolier Restaurant where we had lunch.
11 One of the street performers in front of City Hall who does a straight jacket escape under two minutes.  The two volunteers were about to wrap him also in chains.