Snow Skiing December 2005
Stayed in Breckenridge, skied at Copper Mountain
December 1 thru 4

This was a great trip despite being sick with the Flu.  I reserved a room at the Valdora Mountain Lodge in Breckenridge Colorado, which is a Time Share, to "evaluate" purchasing.  The condominium we all stayed in was 1st class.  I pumped myself with vitamins and aspirin to manage skiing the four days we were there.  Dan and Mia took one room; for two nights good friends of Mia: Vicky Tran and Jasmine Vu took one room; and Tommy Trest, John Buck stayed with Kyle Honnoll at Kyle's sister Michelle's house.  We skied the whole time at Copper Mountain, which was awesome.

The only negative about the trip was the treacherous roads going up to Breckenridge from Denver.  We rented a four wheel drive Ford Explorer and could only go around 40 mph up to Keystone.  It made the one and half hour trip around three hours.  Along the way we saw accidents and a eighteen wheeler on its side on the way back at the end of the vacation.

1 Scene of the very icy roads and wind blowing snow across it.
2 View outside our condominium from with in side..
3 View outside standing on balcony of condominium.
4 Another view standing on balcony.
5 Kitchen view of condominium.  It was a very nice place!  Dan Lee, Vicky Tran and Jasmine Vu eating dinner! 
6 All of us about to eat a great dinner cooked by Jasmine and Vicky.
7 Keith, Mia, Dan, Tommy and Karl on top of Copper Mountain
8 Picture of me taking a picture on top of the mountain.