Ski Trip November 2002

This was one of those fun "guy" trips.  We rented a two bed room condominium in Keystone Colorado for 4 nights.  Being the nice guy, I slept on the floor in the living room.  The first two days we skied Keystone, the third day we skied Vail and on the last day we drove around Denver before catching our flight back.

Outside our Condo on the night we arrived.
In our Condo.
Front of Condominium complex with the Van we rented.
Morning shot near the lake at Keystone City.   Below see picture with lake in background from up high on Keystone Ski resort.(***)
Having a great steak dinner in the City of Frisco
Jokes on me.  My "friends" snuck this picture on me and alas, I have a sense of humor also, soo here it is.  As noted above, I slept on the floor during our stay.
Keystone Skiing:
Keith Montz, Tommy Trest & Dan Lee.  Check out Tommy's Red Chinese Army Cap!

Top of mountain with lake in City of Keystone in background.  (***)

About to ride Gondola to another part of mountain
Another shot from a top.  We nicked named Dan Lee, "Johnny Quest" because of his very expensive ski outfit, and ski accessories.
Tommy throwing up some snow on a fast stop.
Vail Skiing
Shot 1 from a Mid Vail Village (half way up)
Shot 2 from top of mountain.
Eating in the village after skiing.
Post Card shot of Vail
Continental Divide (Loveland Pass):    16 Degrees Fahrenheit with a tremendous wind.  We couldn't stay but a few minutes outside the car without feeling the intense cold.
Shot1 from the Continental Divide. 
Shot 2.  Tommy braved going up one of the hills to take this picture of Dan and me.
Shot 3.  Good view with mountains in the back ground.
Government Building in background.
Outside the Denver Mint.
Outside the Denver Bronco's Football Stadium
Outside the World's Largest Mexican Restaurant.  Very bland food, but amazing place.
Inside the restaurant where cliff diving was going on behind us.