When doing research on our family's genealogy, I found myself enjoying the reading of old letters and facts about the people who lived before me.  I want to give those who follow me the same joy and more.  Some of the stories are hopefully entertaining while others are about life.  As you read these stories, please keep in mind that it is hard to put in reflections of voices, facial expressions and body language.  I have tried to make the mental images come alive as you read but alas, I am not a professional writer.  At best, I hope to accomplish the capturing of who we are and were.  

The Story Who When
The new neighborhood Jim& Ann 1963
Buster Brown shoe store Ann, Keith & David  childhood
Brandon Colins diaper show David & Keith childhood
Cinnamon took picks David & Keith childhood
Prank Calling David & Keith  childhood
The tooth brush David & Keith childhood
The car cigarette lighter Dad, David & Keith childhood
Sonic Boom in Albuquerque, NM David & Keith childhood
Croquet in Calgary, Canada David & Keith childhood
Camping in the Rockies in Canada Montzes & Fancises 1972
Snow Skiing in Aspen, CO Montzes 1975
New York City, Niagara Falls and Toronto Montzes 1976
District Track Meet Keith 1978
Road trip to Oxford, Ohio Keith college
Van & Pedestrian traffic accident Keith 1981
Roy Orbinson Keith college - 1986
H&R Block tax office Keith college - 1983
Foreman of Murder Trial Keith 1988
Ann Montz the 2nd brings Patches over for dinner. Montzes 1989
That's not my wife! Johnna and Keith 1989
The filming Johnna and Keith 1989
The Union Experience, Boston, MA Keith Nov 1993
The $20K caravan to OKC, OK Keith June 1994
The car wreck Keith 1995
Mistaken as unemployed and poor Keith 1996
Mike Flaherty finally becomes a Doctor.   Keith 5/31/97
Fog in Aberdeen, Scotland Keith 1996-2000
Jury Panel Keith 23-Jan-2001
Vacation in Beijing and Shanghai China Keith October 2001