Taylor's 11th Birthday Party at Horse Shoe Bay

Taylor's Birthday is May 29th, but we post poned the party till a weekend in the summer where he could have all his friends up to Horse Shoe Bay.  We got up there on Friday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon, July 26th while Derek, Taylor & Megan Montz are staying with their grandparents for the entire week.   We also made the weekend a "guy's weekend" away from the "women" or mom's weekend off, if you please.   

1 Nick Trest, Taylor Montz being pulled by Tommy Trest with Trent Chambers on back of the wave runner.  Derek Montz in the water.
2 Thomas Trest, Megan Montz on back of paddle boat being driven by Dustin Rutledge with Trent Chambers jumping off of the front of boat
3 Taylor Montz, Nick Trest, Derek Montz pumping up tube float with Keith Montz and Jim Monz standing.
4 Searching for lost wing nut to attach two tube floats to wave runner.  Keith Montz, Thomas Trest, Taylor Montz, Trey Lambert on deck, Dustin Rutledge and Nick Trest in Water and Tommy Test on Wave Runner
5 Dan Lee and Dustin Rutledge on paddle boat with others swimming out to boat
6 Keith Montz, Dan Lee and Tommy Trest in front of Marty McFly's
7 Eating breakfast.  Ann Montz is the best cook!
8 Coming in from a boat ride.
9 Dinner for the "big people"
10 Dinner for the "little people"
11 Fishing